Channels: Getting Comfortable with Subtle Energy

Channels: Getting Comfortable with Subtle Energy by Michelle J. Howe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Energy #SubtleEnergy #Channels

This “gold in life” is found within our ability to sense and feel what is around us so we may better maneuver within certain circles, navigate within the grand scheme of where we are docked, and use our energy with more wisdom.

Questions for you:

  • What does an expansive YES feel like for you?
  • What does a restrictive, tightening NO feel like to you?
  • What and how does your body communicate to you?
  • Are you overriding, ignoring or totally missing subtle messages?

I have come full circle with myself on these questions and noted a pattern of undermining emerging.

My pattern was to second-guess a thought that could not be substantiated by logic and in trusting the vibes of others more than those of my own. I had spent time reading and attending plenty of development classes, but I had not found my own way in trusting my vibes beyond logic and reasoning.

Understanding and validating our vibes, as well as trusting our intuitive processes are important steps in our development. Trust is like the foundation support-beams that hold up your house.

So here is some advice for awakening men and women: You must learn to recognize and trust the language of your Soul by paying attention to and noticing what your body, mind, heart communicate with you.

I know it can be tough to think, feel, and sense “subtle energy,” but it’s important.

We each have many senses and we all use them differently and because of that it is important that we test our communication-system to see how we receive from each sensory-channel. When we do this, we find out which channel is strongest, while also strengthening our other sensory-channels through using conscious communication.

The Channels Look Like This:

  • Seeing without using your eyes; those images that look like memories.
  • Hearing without using your ears; listening to words and sentences within your mind.
  • Sensing without touch; which involves your whole body noticing hot/cold, tingling, etc…
  • Feeling without connecting to emotional highs/lows; noticing from your heart overall vibrations or tone.
  • Knowing without having studied, investigated, or applying traditional channels of logic; this comes across as an ideas or awareness that sweeps over you.
  • Smelling or tasting what is not physically present

Thelist above explains the sensory-channels and how we can receive and e connect with subtle dimensions, Spirits, Angels, and more. I invite you to make this your priority.

Bring a scene from your past, a beautiful scene into your consciousness, and focus on each of the sensory-channels discussed to see where and how you personally receive their messages.

If you want help developing these sensory-channels, feel free to contact me; I know some great people who do this work with others.

– Michelle

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