Communication Styles: How Do You Communicate?

Communication Styles: How Do You Communicate? by Rosanne Orlando #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Communication #CommunicationStyles

Good communication is the foundation to healthy relationships.

We have different types of relationships in our lives, romantic, familial, colleague, or otherwise. Communication comes in many forms. Verbal or nonverbal, for example.

Communication is an art.

Some people are better at it than others. You have to strip away your judgements, listen, use your senses, and resist the urge to assume or plan your response.

When we take in information nonverbally, we are sensing information. Have you ever had a “gut feeling?” We take in sensory information through our five senses and interpret it. Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re completely off.

The front part of our brains is responsible for higher-level thinking. The front part of the brain, called the forebrain, is responsible for focusing, concentrating, and processing information. It turns your thoughts and experiences into what you say or do in response to a particular situation or person.

How Do You Communicate?

Do you find communicating over the phone or texting easier? Is it hard to ‘speak your truth?’ Is it hard to say what you really mean? Is it difficult to even identify what you mean, need, or want?

I remember when I was in counseling and was asked how conflict is worked through in my family. I thought it was normal that someone in my family would get upset, a couple of days would go by and feelings would be written out in an email. Then they would talk about it somewhat calmly and do it all over again. This method was sometimes effective but there would be a level of dismissiveness.

What communication styles did you grow up witnessing? Which one are you most likely to utilize?

There Are 4 Different Types of Communication Styles:

•             Aggressive.

•             Assertive.

•             Passive.

•             A Mix.

1.            Passive:

Do people tell you that you’re a “pushover?” Have you not gotten what you needed and blamed yourself or someone else? Are you shy?

Something to work on:

Identifying your needs and reminding yourself that they matter.

Something you do well:

Active listening.

2.            Assertive:

Do you usually get what you want with compromise and little to no yelling? Can you easily identify what you need and express it in a way that keeps people engaged?

Something to work on:

Getting into this type of communication on a consistent basis no matter the situation.

Something you do well:


3.            Aggressive:

Do you turn people off? Have you lost a lot of friends along the way? Do people call you mean? Are others able to get a word in?

Something to work on:

Slow down and listen. Notice the other person’s reaction.

Something you do well:

Identifying what you need and going for it.

Everyone uses all of these at one point or another but what’s your main communication style? How can you work on this?

Remember that body language is also involved in communication. Your tone of voice is another factor. Two people may say the same thing with different postures or in a different tone of voice. Noting how the receiver perceives your information is going to dictate their response.

I’d love to hear what your communication style is and which one you’re working on in the comments section below!

From my heart to yours, as we move forward together.

– Rosanne

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