Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 3

Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 3 by Nicole Levac #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NaturePart3
Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 3 by Nicole Levac #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NaturePart3

In Connect to Your Soul through Nature Part 3, WU World Changer Nicole Levac shares how nature can teach us how to nourish the parts within that we have left small and unseen. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2

Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 3: Nourishing that Part of Ourselves that Feels Small

In this article and the last part in this series, I hope you will come to consider that stepping outside means we are in contact with a Great Teacher. This Great Teacher allows us to connect with a part of ourselves.

To connect with our Soul is recognizing and acknowledging that nature is all around us, no matter where we are. It is a wonderful thing to be grateful for nature’s presence in our lives. Starting to SEE her in our everyday life serves as a reminder to see and acknowledge those parts of ourselves that are present in our everyday life, yet have been forgotten.

We have grown to take Mother Nature for granted and we have often forgotten about her entirely. Spending time inviting her back into our lives helps us to come into contact with parts of ourselves that have been buried, tossed aside, or lost over the years due to various situations.

Connecting to ourselves by spending time with nature is about allowing; allowing to connect to a part of ourselves that is unseen. Sometimes, even a part of ourselves that can feel small and worthless.

Seeing the unseen in ourselves allows us to start to solidify who we are. Nourishing those parts of ourselves that feel small and unimportant through spending time noticing little details in nature.


Through the billions of years that nature has been around, she holds many secrets and buried parts of herself that are invisible to our eyes yet they have formed and shaped her. When we come in contact with Mother Nature and allow ourselves to acknowledge that we might not know everything about something that is a part of our lives, this also gives us permission to accept the same about ourselves.

We hold hurts and pains that have formed and shaped our lives which created a life that has its own unique and important contribution.


In taking the time to recognize the stillness that lives in nature, we will begin to appreciate that stillness is not a place of inaction. We notice that this stillness allows nature to shed, release, and cleanse parts of herself so that she can be whole with herself and her surroundings.

The stillness that lives in nature serves as a great reminder of how stillness within ourselves can help us on our soulful journey. This inner stillness allows us to be aligned and true to ourselves.

Tiny step:

Being on a journey to live connected to our Soul means that there is a constant commitment to peeling away what is not ours. This can be very scary and overwhelming.

Recognizing how nature lives, survives and thrives shows us that there are no huge jumps in her journey. She is all about tiny constant steps. These steps are not always forward. They can be sideways, upwards, and even downwards – yet her shifts are done slowly, consistently, and with perseverance.


When we breathe in some of the goodness that is available to us through nature, we come in contact with nature’s way of BEING. This state of presence exists everywhere in nature. It can help us to accept a little bit more of those parts within that we have kept hidden or made small.

By taking notice that our breath is filled with nature’s age, wisdom and experience, we start to acknowledge that we are in the presence of the unknown, and unrevealed reality and potential. What more could we need to trust this great teacher to support us on our own journey to being our true self?

Receiving the integrity of nature through our breath brings us a little bit closer to our own personal integrity. This connects us to forgotten, dismissed or deflated parts of our self while on this journey to living a life guided by our Soul.

I hope you enjoyed this series. If you wish to go a bit further into connecting to your Soul through nature and learn to value that part of yourself that feels small or worthless, I’ll be sharing 4 key lessons from nature in an upcoming video. You can learn more about this on my website.

– Nicole

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