Connecting with Your Inner Goddess

Connecting with Your Inner Goddess by Lisa Lundgren #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #InnerGoddess

You too, have an inner Goddess inside of you.

She has been there with you since the very beginning and she will be there with you until the end. She’s just waiting for you to realize she’s there and let her out to shine.

You can look at some little girls and see their own inner Goddess shining through. It is visible by the confidence and sparkle in their eyes, and how they are so at ease with being completely and unapologetically who they are and were born to be.

So, how do we, as adults, connect with our own inner Goddess?

We start by stepping into our power. Now, when I say stepping into our power, I mean completely embracing the wholeness of who we are. As women, we are especially hard on ourselves. It seems feeling not good enough almost goes with the territory. It’s time we stop letting the world or anyone in it for that matter, tell us who we are or are not, or can/can not be. It is time to stand in our Goddess Energy and show the world that we are Divine. We were born that way and there is nothing we can’t do! For starters though, we must believe that ourselves because it’s long overdue.

We must be okay with putting our personal needs first. I think some people see that as a selfish act but it’s far from selfish to take care of ourselves. That is, in fact, Divine. It does not mean one does not care about others or helping them, it only means that we realize we cannot make anyone else happy until we are first happy within ourselves.

For a moment, I want you to think and envision all the qualities you believe a Goddess would possess. Each person’s list of qualities will probably vary a little. This is because each of us are unique and sees and views things a little different from one another. This means that each Goddess will vary a little from person to person. That, to me, makes each Goddess even more radiantly beautiful.

So, let’s now dive into a visualization practice aimed at connecting with your inner Goddess.

You can do this as often as you would like and the more often you do it, the more in touch with your inner Goddess you will be. You will be able to see and feel the difference in yourself. Believe me, once you feel the difference in yourself, the world will too. You will start to see things shifting to accommodate you and the world will begin treating you as the Goddess you are.

To begin, you already have in your mind’s eye all the qualities you believe a Goddess should possess. Now, I want you to visualize an image of a Goddess with your mind’s eye. If you cannot see her as a Goddess, then I want you to pick a color that is meant to represent Goddess Energy. Once you see that color in your mind’s eye, imagine looking at that color or wearing a piece of clothing of that color. Hold the Goddess image/energy in your mind while really feeling, thinking, and connecting with all those qualities your Goddess would have. See her and really feel her. Feel how she would interact with others, how others would treat her, how she would feel if she were walking down the street or talking to someone. Is she strong? If she is, visualize yourself feeling her strength and what it would feel like to have that strength yourself. Is she fearless? Confident? Feel her fearlessness and confidence completely.

Take at least 3-5 minutes to explore “The Goddess,” and everything that gives her the magnificence and power she radiates so naturally and effortlessly. When she is firm in your mind, I want you to literally envision yourself stepping into her; merging with her and becoming One. Again, if you used a color instead of an image of a Goddess, step into the color of the Goddess’ energy and feel you both merging and becoming One in the same.

You are now the Goddess and she is now YOU!

The Goddess has always been there within you, and always will be, remember that! By doing the visualization and calling her forward, you just defined the qualities she possessed that made her a Goddess to you. Not even realizing that she was, in fact, you all along. Whether you see it or not, you also have those qualities inside of you because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have envisioned them and felt them as deeply as you did. YOU ARE A GODDESS!

Anytime you need to feel or bring forth your inner Goddess, just call on her. You two know each other well now and know in reality, you are One. You are her and she is you. Somewhere along the way society or someone had convinced you otherwise and you allowed yourself to believe in your smallness and limits in this world. They were wrong! We were never born to be small or limited. We were born to live our dreams and shine, radiate with love and beauty, and to be confident, strong, kind and fair. Make people feel amazing just by being in our presence!

We Were Born for Greatness for We Are Goddesses!

– Lisa

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