Are You Connecting to Your Psychic Powers?

Are You Connecting to Your Psychic Powers? by Gila Nehemia #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #PsychicPowers

Are you connecting to your superpowers?

I spent most of my life following my mind, making logical and “sound” decisions for my life. My free time was allocated to daydreaming. I used to think it was an escape from my life, though now I know it was the seed of my manifestation process. As a kid, I had no idea what manifestations were. My dreams I thought were just my imagination running wild. It was my place to think up fantastic stories of love and a life of peace and happiness. Little did I realize that my dreams could actually come true.

These past few years I have undergone a spiritual transformational process to actually realize my dreams. I consciously allow myself to follow my heart which leads to a full surrender of co-creating my desires with the Divine, Universe, Source, or God. I hear messages inside my head, thoughts from people who are connected to me, light beings communicating with me, and see natural signs from the Universe leading me to my next step. I receive messages from the Universe to guide me through animals, people, and all sentient beings.

Do you know what your psychic powers are?

I never actually thought I had any. I was always enamored and slightly in awe of psychics. I used to run to psychic readings to foretell my future. I even spent lots of money on one when I was young to find love, though to my dismay I ended up in an unhappy marriage. What I did not understand is that the answers I was seeking were within me.

These last three years I began to trust this process and realized that the songs I hear in my head are messages to me from the Universe or my higher self. The voices in my heart foretell that something will happen to me. Powers such as clairaudient or telepathy are actually real.

Recently I felt and had a clairvoyant moment that something would happen with a friend of mine and it did. This is not the first time nor will it be the last. It is not a coincidence it is a gift. With this power, I am able to discern the things that will happen in my life and take appropriate action. This recognition, awareness, and acceptance was part of my spiritual maturation process of understanding and using my gifts to help myself and humanity. I intuitively feel the thoughts of others that connect to me. I know when they think about me, images of them pop into my mind and I trust them. I was able to connect through my heart space when I lost my son when traveling in a small city in India. I knew how to activate this power to my benefit. I spoke to him through my heart and he appeared before me. Dumbfounded I realized I can harness this power to heal myself, learn my lessons, and step into a higher version of myself and a different dimension of life.

I call in my clients, my partner, my children through my emotions and feelings. It is an unfolding of deep love within us that connects us to others. The more we use our psychic muscles the easier it becomes to strengthen them.

Here are a few tips for you to strengthen your psychic powers, or intuitive gifts:

  1. The first step is to believe you have special powers
  2. Second is to listen and accept that you can use your powers to benefit your life and others
  3. Utilize the support of a guide to help you harness and trust your powers
  4. Create a quiet space daily to cleanse your energy and meditate on using your powers
  5. Write about how it makes you feel and if you are using it from your heart space or from your mind
  6. Practice using it on yourself and your close friends and family

Are you desiring support to connect and strengthen your psychic muscles? Do you deeply desire to live your soul’s purpose and speak your truth from your heart? Sign up for my free, closed FB group, and find out more about my annual group program.

– Gila

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