Consider The Exquisite Beauty of Your Soul

Consider The Exquisite Beauty of Your Soul by Debra Oakland #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ExquisiteBeauty.jpg

Life is a funny thing. Here we are as unlimited beings, yet many are like an elephant chained to a pole who won’t run away because he/she believes they can’t. The truth is, the elephant is much stronger than the belief holding it hostage. It’s mental masturbation. It is not easy to break free of deep, unwavering thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and all the outer world programming we have been exposed to and programmed to accept as truth. We have free will, which allows us to hold to our ’opinions’ as if our life depends on it. What our life depends on, is letting go of what we ’think’ we know. Our knowledge of the bigger picture is minuscule. It’s a comedy of miscalculations – here, there and everywhere.

Consider the exquisite beauty of your soul.

How do you honor this sacred unity that guides you (when you tune in) day in and day out? Your soul is immense, with the ability to travel the expanse of the Universe. We remain limited by living in doubt, disappointment, and fear. We become unlimited by tuning into and filling up at our inner power station.

We express what we want, yet often take action in the opposite direction, then become frustrated and disappointed with the direction our life takes.

This is the case IF we are not living from the inside out, connecting with the exquisite beauty of our soul.

The soul holds secrets. We can unlock those secrets, but they are ours alone, as no two are alike. Energy is alive, active and will move in any direction we direct it. The good news is – we can change. Our brain/mind is plastic to our thoughts and feelings, enabling us to remold, reshape and renew ourselves whenever we choose. For more information on mindfulness and neuroplasticity, I recommend an excellent book by Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. – The Stress-Proof Brain. Visit Melanie at The Mindful Self-Express (The mind-body experiment) and enjoy the excellent articles she writes for Psychology Today.

By not connecting to our beautiful soul, life gets overly complicated. Our soul wants to experience life ’through’ us. Free will gives us the freedom to be filled with infinite wisdom, love, and light… or the exact opposite. In this article, I conspire with my soul, to inspire you. There is no need to remain firmly rooted in the minutia of 3rd-dimensional reality. You are a mini-universe of love, oneness, unity, grace and peace, emanating from your heart center. By connecting to your heart and living from the inside out, you ascend into higher states of consciousness/frequency and vibrate to your best life. Living from the outside in will find you triggered, confused, fearful and swayed by a great deal of illusion. Some people are okay with living this way, but I know you are not. Besides, good energy is contagious.

“Love is the beauty of the soul.” – St. Augustine

Won’t you join forces with me? Your heart holds the key to everything, and you are the key-holder. Your soul is always available, there to guide and direct you every step of the way. Together we can courageously create powerful shifts in all aspects of our lives, and ultimately for humanity.


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