How to Create More Money Instead of More Lack

How to Create More Money Instead of More Lack by Erika Laszlo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lack

How to Create More Money Instead of More Lack by Erika Laszlo #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Lack

Money Issues We All Have: Create More Money Instead of More Lack — Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about why we all have fear and negative feelings about money and how to have a better relationship with it.

Now, let’s see what you can do if you want to create more money instead of more lack. No, it is not a joke, most people create more lack when they want to have more money.

When you need money and you concentrate on the need and the lack, then the thought you send out to the Universe is connected to very strong feelings. Hence, based on the law of attraction, you will experience more need and lack instead of money. With craving, what you send out you will create more craving. When you want something desperately the energy field gets it. Desperately wanting, it will send you back exactly what you sent out: more “wanting desperately.”

I always check the state of consciousness for my clients (I have a chart for that in SuperConscious Self-Coaching™) to know the level of their creative process concerning the things they want. It is very common to find them on “Craving” state of consciousness, level minus 3. (The lowest level is minus 8, shame, the highest on plus 8, enlightenment). I usually tell them this is why they cannot create what they really want because the thoughts they are sending out are full of craving.

Here Are 3 Ways to Create More Money Instead of More Lack:

  1. Beware of your thoughts and feelings.

I know it’s not easy not to think about the lack of money when at that moment you don’t have money to pay your bills. However, instead of creating even more of the lack by your thoughts, think of something you have. After all, if you don’t have money, don’t create more of the “I don’t have” by always thinking about it.

I can hear your answer: but I don’t have anything!

Really? Don’t you have a life? Don’t you have air and vitality to keep you alive? Don’t you have a roof over your head? Don’t you have your daily bread? Don’t you have a single person who you know? Don’t you have somebody who loves you, who thinks of you? Don’t you have medical care when you need it? Don’t you have internet? Don’t you have a computer? Don’t you have a phone? You do, right? But let’s suppose that you really don’t have any of the above (which is obviously not true since you are alive).

  1. Concentrate on what you want instead of what you do not want.

Even if you really think you do not have anything you should not concentrate on this but on things you can be happy about. Concentrate and imagine how it feels to pay everything on time, to have more money every day than you can spend. If you concentrate more on the things you want with happy and content feelings, you switch to a different vibration where money can find you more easily.

You can’t attract anybody to yourself with hatred, nor can you attract money. Just remember the relationship has to be happy and fulfilling, otherwise, you will want to escape from it!

Imagine your beautiful and rich life with lots of nice things in it. Loving family, friends, adventures. Anything you like to experience.

  1. Be grateful.

I am sure you have heard this phrase many times before: “be grateful.” It may make you frustrated or even angry. (I have been grateful, but nothing has changed!) So, you may think being grateful does not help. Or you may think it helps others but not you. You may have tried it for a time, and you did not find the results as quickly as you had expected.

Well, gratefulness has to be honest and without expectations like how when it has to happen. That is where most people fail. If these are somewhere in your thinking the Universal energy field will get it instead of the gratefulness. You can cheat me and even yourself but not the Universal energy field. Even if you say or think grateful thoughts if they are not absolutely honest and have a craving, the energy field will get your craving, and this is what you will get back. More craving for money instead of money.

Be grateful for what you have: arms and legs, eyes, you can read and write, you have hot water coming from the tap and when it is cold, and your room is heated. Are you grateful for this?

My best advice if you want to create more money is:

Write a gratitude diary! Gratitude and money are linked, there is no money without gratitude.

For this reason, it is important that we remember why we should be grateful. The easiest method is to keep a Gratitude Diary. Buy a pretty notebook that radiates abundance and wealth for you, and then every evening, write down five things you are grateful for that day.

Wishing you a happy relationship with money!

– Erika

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