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Welcome to the 26 Days of Happiness! Today is day 24. Please meet featured author Dr. Dolores Fazzino from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, sharing their inspiring story!

We have all heard the saying that “Happiness is an Inside Job,” however, I believe it is that and more. I believe it’s a conscious choice.

We are here on a playground called planet Earth, where we have free will and can make choices. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where you scratch your head and wonder, how did that happen? I do not remember asking for this. How did I make the choice to be in this set of circumstances?

I found myself questioning my situation and what I had done to be where I was, particularly when I really did not want to be there. Sounds like a lot of drama and chaos, and it was. I had become unconscious and gave my personal happiness and power to something outside of myself.

Mindfulness is key

Becoming mindful of my thoughts, beliefs, and responses allowed me to make better choices. I became aware  of how unconscious or automatic I had been, reacting instead of consciously choosing my responses.

It was like going to the state fair and playing the “whack a mole game.” You know, the one where the mole comes up and you hit it with a hammer, and another comes up and you do the same thing repeatedly? I describe this as a visual metaphor for moving through life reacting, instead of making mindful decisions that stops reactions. When you stop the reaction, you choose your response, which leads to more happiness.

I invite you to be brave and reflect upon or journal on how you are showing up in your life. When we are truly honest with ourselves, our behaviors, and our responses, we are at ground zero and can create a different, more mindful approach to creating a happier life for ourselves.

Maybe instead of reacting to something outside of yourself, observe what is going on inside. What are you feeling? What is your first response as to what you want to do? Are you being triggered? Do you want to attack it, run away, and hide from it, or do something to make it go away? Whatever response you are having, I invite you to just observe what is happening, without judging or criticizing it, without responding. Feel what is happening, do you have a sensation somewhere in your physical body? Just make note of it.

Yes, this may be challenging at first, and just like any other change of habit, it takes time, self-compassion, trust, and courage. I know, I have been there and I continue to be a work in progress. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Happiness is a choice

Remember, happiness is a choice. It is a superpower within us. When we are triggered by outside influences or noise, we are giving our happiness away to something external to ourselves.

Isn’t it time to take your power back and create happiness within yourself?

Take a quick look at this video, my gift to you! free-video

~Dr. Dolores

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