Creating Positive Change with Archangel Michael

Creating Positive Change with Archangel Michael by Pamela Dussault #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ArchangelMichael
Archangel Michael is the ultimate protector for each one of us.

He frees us from all types of harm – material, financial, physical, emotional, psychological/mental, and energetic/psychic. He is the remover of illusion to reveal the truth of love in any situation and is considered the overseer of the Archangelic realm. He eliminates our fear and negative influences by the ego and this is depicted in many works of art which show him armed with his sword and shield (representing truth and love), stepping on the slain demon (representing ego and fear).

When we want to create positive change in our lives, Archangel Michael is present to help us eliminate our fears of moving into unknown territory. Sometimes changes appear daunting and we may lack confidence and belief in our ability to move forward. Archangel Michael is always ready to boost our confidence and lend us the courage we need. But we must ask him for his help as he cannot intervene with our free will. Archangel Michael is our personal guide and mentor and his presence is omnipotent in that he can be with each of us simultaneously should we call upon him.

Working with Archangel Michael is, in my opinion, essential to creating positive change in our lives. Some suggestions in how you can work with him for specific types of changes are below.

  • Material Changes 

Whether you need to make big changes like moving into a new place of residence or smaller changes like purchasing some new clothes, Archangel Michael can help protect you from choices that could harm you or your loved ones. Ask him to oversee by ensuring that all choices that come to your awareness only be loving, joyful and safe. Feel free to add further details as you desire. For instance, when I wanted to move, I asked that my loved ones and I would be in a home in a safe neighborhood surrounded by nature and filled with love. And it is!

  • Family Changes

Archangel Michael can help give you the courage and confidence to change your family life such as moving out on your own for the first time, getting married, or starting a family of your own. Ask him to be by your side and to help you remain focused on love instead of fear as you venture into unknown territory.

  • Relationship Changes

Just as with family changes, Archangel Michael can help give you the courage and confidence to make positive changes in any of your relationships. Sometimes these changes are called for when you want healthier relationships that support your self-esteem and growth. He will help you release these relationships so they can be healed or so they can end in a loving way.

  • Career Changes

When I was ready to make a total career change, I knew I was going to need lots of help to make this transition. As a single mom of 3 at the time, I knew making this transition could pose great challenges financially for us so I called on Archangel Michael to help me do this in a way that would ensure uninterrupted financial flow. Because of his help, everything worked out smoother than I could have imagined! If you are considering a career change, call on him to eliminate fear-based decisions and choices and he will help move your awareness to love and joy so you can make your choices from that place instead.

  • Personal Changes

In my opinion, one of the most rewarding types of changes we can make are personal ones. Changing beliefs, patterns, habits, etc. that do not serve us so that we can experience a life that is in alignment with our deepest soul’s desire is an ongoing process. Therefore, when we want to make personal changes in this way, Archangel Michael can be our guide, mentor, and coach to help us every step of the way. I call on him to be by my side to help me with this in my daily practice and his assistance always comes exactly when I need it!

If you would like to hear more about Archangel Michael, please feel free to check out my webinar recording. Stay tuned for more information on creating blessings with the angels! Next week, Archangel Gabriel: Creating New Beginnings.

– Pamela