Creating Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SacredSpace

Creating Sacred Space by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #SacredSpace

I struggle as a practitioner, a psychotherapist, a licensed and certified counselor, straddling what feels right to me; two dimensions that expect very different qualitative descriptions, of what in summary, are the same to me.

It is like speaking different languages.

In one arena, you must use the scientific, evidence-based, years of experience verbiage, or be seen as incompetent. In the other arena, you must use the healing, centered, spiritual or mystical side, or be seen as disingenuous.

In reality, creative, intuitive, licensed mental wellness professionals need to encompass both.

A practitioner is actively skilled in an art, discipline, or profession. Psychotherapy is both scientific and spiritual. The origin of psychotherapy comes from the Greek word psyche, which means breath, spirit, soul, or mind. And I like the definition, a curative power or quality, an act that relieves tension, healing, for the term therapy. So, psychotherapy means relieving tension in the spirit, soul, or mind, coming from a healing state.

We are spiritual beings.

A person is born into this world with an intact soul, a true whole self, as is, with certain gifts (strengths). Life happens and when we feel lesser than, we often move away, hide, or deny those gifts. Psychotherapy, when with the right person, is a place where you get to re-connect with your true self. As such, it is a huge responsibility to be the person who facilitates that reconnection. We must create a sacred space.

Sacred space is a warm and trusting environment filled with Agape love, encouragement, radical acceptance, compassion, and creativity.

The person creating that space must have a keen eye and a sense for seeing the other as is. To work with breath, spirit, mind, and soul is not a practice to take lightly. We, the ones coming from a healing place, are not the experts. We are the facilitators, the guides, and sometimes the teachers who often emanate hope, love, acceptance, and courage, support and listen for the gifts that may have been buried, hidden, or discarded underneath.

A friend of mine who I worked with used to want to spend weekly meetings “practicing and preparing” to create this sacred space. My response, as always was, I don’t need to practice, I am facilitating. I am creating sacred space where a person reveals himself or herself, and I support that person in front of me or those in the group bringing to light that which they may have forgotten, were afraid of, or felt ashamed of. Sometimes we teach skills or guide with knowledge, but the majority of the work happens in the sacred space.

Without sacred space, no number of tools will offer a place for healing, discovery, or uncovering.

We must have a solid knowledge of, and keep current, on learning new tools that support others in moving forward in their lives.

But, what truly offers others a place to heal is intuition, understanding, connecting, and holding sacred space for the being that is in front of you.

If you are looking for sacred space, please contact me on my website, or by telephone, (872)216-5860. Join our current-events roundtable discussion Sacred Spaces on the Wellness Universe Learn It Live webinar platform, “The Lounge.” And, as always, connect with me via my profile on

– Catherine

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