Crystal Abundance Ritual

Crystal Abundance Rituals by Marie Aldrich #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Crystal

The definition of the word manifest is: clear or obvious to the mind or eye.

You will need a few supplies before we start: paper and a pencil, pen, or marker.

The purpose of this crystal ritual is to release what is holding you back, focus on what you would like to create, and then invoke the energies of the crystals Peridot, Turquoise, and Lavender Aragonite to help you create it. This is a hands-on ritual where you will create a map to help manifest what you would like to have show up in your physical world. It is great to go into this experience with an open mind and joyful spirit.

The following is a list of the crystals, properties and the chakras they are connected with.

  • Peridot = Emotional Cleansing

Energy of Peridot: High

Chakras: Heart and Solar Plexus

  • Turquoise = True Riches

Energy of Turquoise: Medium to High

Chakras: Throat and Third Eye

  • Lavender Aragonite = Environmental Clearing

Energy of Lavender Aragonite: High

Chakras: Base, Third Eye, and Crown

Step 1: Releasing the old

Write down 3 things that weigh you down, stress you out or that you lose sleep over at night. Just write down the first 3 things that pop into your head, don’t over think this. The first things that cross your mind are perfect. Take this paper with the list you would like to let go of and burn it or tear it up and throw it away, either method is fine. We are releasing the old and making space for the new to enter our life.

Step 2: Focusing on the new

Take out another piece of paper. Write down 3 things you would like to create in your life. Be specific on the feeling this person, object or situation would bring you. Emotions powerfully assist us in the creation process. Be very clear on the feeling you would experience without being overly specific about the way it will look. We can get so caught up in the HOW it will show up, which is the Universe’s job to supply us with our request, that sometimes it doesn’t come to us because it was going to show up in blue but we ONLY were open to receiving it in red.

(Example: a trip to Turks & Caicos would make me FEEL happy, relaxed and nourished).

Step 3: Creating your manifesting soul map

This is the fun part! Flip over the paper that you wrote your 3 things to manifest on. You are going to doodle your own soul map to attract them to you. Here is where you have to keep an open mind because you are going to doodle your map with your eyes closed. The images, scribbles and whatever comes out of the pen and onto the paper bypass the logical judgment of your mind when your eyes are shut. There is NO wrong way to do this left-brainers! J Let whatever flows out onto the paper come out, it’s all good! Continue to doodle until you feel like everything that wants to show up is out on the paper. Open your eyes. The doodled soul map may make no sense to you because it comes directly from your subconscious. It may have legible images and words or may just look like scribbles, either way, it is encoded with the energy of what you would like to create.

Step 4: Invoking the crystal energy

The next step is to write the following sentences on your doodled soul map:

  1. I invoke the energy of Peridot
  2. I invoke the energy of Turquoise
  3. I invoke the energy of Lavender Aragonite

Writing these words on your map will begin invoking their powerful energies into your life. Once you have finished adding these to your map place it on your altar, if you have one, or a place that is meaningful for you.

Step 5: Stay detached and be the observer

Pay attention to your dreams and the clues that begin showing up in your day to day life providing evidence that what you created is on its way to you!

Note: To further enhance the energy you can purchase the actual crystals, just google them online, and keep them with your soul map if you’d like.

– Marie


* Credit: The crystal cards are from “The Crystal Wisdom Oracle” by Judy Hall