How to Deal with the Feeling of Invisibility

How to Deal with the Feeling of Invisibility by Elena Puntaroli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Invisibility
How to Deal with the Feeling of Invisibility by Elena Puntaroli #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Invisibility
The feeling of invisibility is something that we all have experienced at some levels: not feeling seen or listen to, neither acknowledged nor important.

There is an innovative approach to getting out of it; gradually letting go of the negative emotions in order to discover the great TREASURE that has been hidden.

If we live events that we consider negative, it is not said that they should play this role for the rest of your life. With time, we can learn to read them in another way. Something that happens in an unexpected way, overwhelms us emotionally or physically, and it can determine a very strong state of mind. This is a natural reaction, normal because we are touched by emotions and we let them speak to us in some way.

Therefore, it is right to give us a time for living this emotional earthquake, not to remove it straight away, diminishing or camouflaging it with other colors. And living it with the intensity that we feel to live it, because the present moment is important and we cannot avoid it, making feint that it has not touched to us, disowning it.

Emotions indeed serve precisely this: to give us an indication of how we perceive the reality and the effect it has on us. The reading that we can give to what we have lived is something that comes after, we cannot place it before. First, there is to live fully the experience, and when the emotional wave that accompanies it has passed, we can do better clarity on the strings that touched within us, its meaning and how we can transform it into something positive, rather than consider it something that just hurts.

There is always a way to turn unpleasant feelings around and the invisibility is certainly one of them: you’re here to acknowledge yourself and being seen is only a consequence of that. 

It is good to remember that all situations, even those we would be happy to forget, have the potential to give us something good. Maybe we won’t see it immediately, but in time we will learn to appreciate it, after that we have taken more distance from the emotion of all that had happened.

– Elena

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