Dealing with Intolerances

Years ago, I discovered that most issues people deal with have a symbolic side. Life is filled with analogies that match what you’re going through. You can compare them with things we see in nature or the processes we experience in life.

Intolerances and allergies work the same way. When most people discuss one of these, they are referring to how the body reacts to something that isn’t processing correctly. You might be lactose intolerant or have a specific allergy to gluten or sugar. We see it all the time, however did you realize you can have an intolerance or allergy to an idea or concept?

Everything is Energy

When you think about it, everything is energy. Your food, emotions, and even the world around us are all vibrating at different frequencies, it makes them what they are. This is important to remember as we look at the issues we deal with because different types of energy combinations or processes have different effects in our reality and can affect us physically. When these energies combine or evolve over time, we can become restricted as our body tries to protect us from harmful situations.

This became vividly apparent when I started working with the subconscious using muscle testing, or Kinesiology. The subconscious deals with these combinations in an effort to keep you alive and functioning. Its job is to protect you from harm. Sometimes it allows a toxic build up to create an intolerance to keep you from certain foods or topics. When you have an intolerance, you stay away.

One of my clients developed an intolerance to money, which became an allergy. She started with discomfort with financials, turning to an intolerance that made her mad, and finally converted to an allergy that made her physically sick. She wanted nothing to do with money. By releasing this energy, she can now work with money with a cool head and even look forward to receiving more.

The Cook

I am a former cook. Before I turned to healing, I made my living in the kitchen. I’ve worked in restaurants, casinos, hotels, and even colleges where I also taught for a while. I loved and lived food. One of the places I worked at was at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, WA. That is a fancy place where the movie stars and politicians loved to stay. This place was a real status symbol for the area.

Every Sunday there was a Brunch for $50 a person. Over 200 people would gorge themselves on the delights of our kitchen. One of the items in the buffet consisted of a mountain of beautiful shrimp. We usually had at least 600 peeled, deveined morsels ready for the plunder of the public.

My wife and I love shrimp. We feel like we could eat it every day and never tire of the delicacies. The crowds at the Brunch felt the same and they always cleaned out our supply.

The Professional Kitchen

However, there is a side that no one thinks about, unless you’re a cook. Someone must prepare those shrimps for consumption. Someone needs to physically handle every one of them. For two people, that takes around four hours to complete the job.

You stand around a cart on a concrete floor and start peeling. This process starts on Thursday and the shrimps are ready to be cooked and cooled to make sure you have enough for the event.

So, what does that have to do with intolerances? This is where the background of shrimp comes into play. When shrimp are caught in their native waters, they are “flash frozen” to preserve them in prime condition. The blocks of frozen shellfish are then transported around the world to the waiting kitchens. We receive them and thaw them for usage.

What most don’t know is that the waters where these crustaceans live have become more and more polluted and toxic over the years. When they are “flash frozen” the toxins from those waters are transported and then transmitted to the people preparing them. Of course, they are washed before they are cooked, but before that, the shrimp are “processed” by the individual prep cooks with their hands.

The Intolerance Level

To start, as a new prep cook, you use your bare hands to peel the shrimp. This is easier to get a hold of the legs and clear the shell. After a few weeks of this process, you notice that your hands start to turn red and begin itching. This is the Intolerance Level. It can make you mad when you find out you are on shrimp detail. It is not fun to be uncomfortable.

Now you put on disposable gloves to do the work. This works for a while, but the shells are sometimes pokey, and the thin gloves are easily damaged, allowing fluid access to your skin. The new solution is to put on three pairs of gloves to give yourself enough protection from the toxic liquid.

In the kitchen, we know there is a time limit for people preparing shrimp. The toxins eventually get to the allergy level, where you can no longer help with that task. In fact, now you find yourself unable to eat shrimp and all due to the toxic build up in your system.

In the real world, we deal in the same manner with the toxins around us. They are everywhere. Layers of toxic energies that build up and create intolerances and allergies that affect our lives. It can even change our paradigm and the way we deal or not with others.

Do you have something in your life that “makes you mad” or you find you’re avoiding? Maybe you have an intolerance or allergy to something that needs to be released.

Communicating with your body using muscle testing is easy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the tool that reveals the source and the possible relief from those blocks in your life? For me, it changed everything!

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