The Difference Between Being Present and Presence

The Difference Between Being Present and Presence by Christina Bauer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Presence

The Difference Between Being Present and Presence by Christina Bauer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Presence

What is Presence, Exactly?

Many of us have heard these terms used as they have become the common language of our times.

Unfortunately, I find that many do not fully understand the true meaning or the difference between being present and Presence.

This is a simple thing to differentiate, although the true understanding of it must come through our experience. The reason being is that Presence cannot be understood conceptually. We must experience the Presence in order to really know the truth of Presence itself.

Being present, on the other hand, is something that we can come to a conceptual understanding of. That being said, as with most things in life, they become much more real and alive for us when we are able to experience them for ourselves.

Being present is an act of allowing ourselves to come out of the mind chatter that we are most likely living in.

We allow our attention to focus on what is either before us or within us, (outside of us or inside of us). Rather than being caught up in the thoughts of the mind, we are able to watch them come and go. This could also be true of our emotions. Rather than being swept up in our emotions, we can allow our attention, or awareness, to observe the emotions as they arise, as they are in full force, and as they pass. This act of being present with whatever is happening brings us into the present moment. Another example of being present could be with another.

As we listen to another person speak, we are typically caught up in our thoughts about what they are sharing or what we want to share in regard to what they are sharing. This takes us out of being fully present with them. When we allow ourselves to shift our focus fully to whoever we are with at the time, we will find that we begin to really listen and hear in an entirely new way. Of course, this can be multi-faceted; as we can be aware of our thoughts that are going on in relation to what others are sharing, and at the same time, we are also present with the other person.

The main point here is that by ‘being present’ we create some space between the thought stream of the mind and our awareness.

In our day-to-day lives, most of us are living fully in the thought stream. When our awareness is not present then we do not have the capacity to see that we are not our mind. Most of us have come to believe that the mindstream is who we are. We are completely identified with its thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and judgments. This is what makes up our personalities. But this is not the truth of who we are.

We can say then, that the act of being present creates a space between our awareness and our thought stream. When this space is created, possibility becomes available for us.

The simple act of practicing being present will create a greater sense of freedom in our experiences because it helps us to return to our correct position, the position of our awareness vs. the thoughts of the mind.  It allows us to experience the things that appear in our lives more fully. It can bring a sense of ease and calm to the body, mind and even our emotions. This is a very powerful practice that will surely bring great benefits into our lives. Expanding awareness is a natural act of evolution.

Presence is an essence. It is the essence of our True Being.

The art of being present can bring forth our Presence. In fact, it is a very essential part of this unfoldment. Presence is what can become available to us when we are allowing our awareness to expand. As we shift our attention and allow our awareness to be present with what is, then we have the potential to come into contact with our Presence. It is our raw expanding awareness that is open and receptive. It is listening, so to speak; not with the outer ear, but with an inner ear. This inner receptive space is the clear jewel at our center that changes everything. It is our intuitive, pulsating, enlivened nature. Our Presence is our Soul coming to the forefront, witnessing our lives and all that surrounds us. It has access to all wisdom, understanding and true power.

When we have made contact with the Presence within, there is an enlivened feeling that arises.

It will feel as if life before this moment was dead and dull, whereas now feels vivid, alive and pulsating with a warm energy that is calm and content. It exudes a subtle joy that cannot be compared to anything in our outer world. Our Presence will guide, maintain and sustain us on every level necessary for our unfolding life purpose. The only way that we can truly live our full potential is to come into contact with our Presence and allow it to live our lives.

This is a Life of fullness, offering our fulfillment.

– Christina

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