Divine Intelligence: What is Your Purpose in Life?

Divine Intelligence: What is Your Purpose in Life? by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #DivineIntelligence

Divine Intelligence: What is Your Purpose in Life? by Eliana Marris #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #DivineIntelligence

Divine intelligence – what is it, and do you understand it? 

Today, you will find out if the universe has spoken to you about your spiritual path and purpose in life. Have no fear, I will explain things as simple as possible so that you can begin to understand why you were put on this earth, no matter what religion or background you are from.

I use the term divine intelligence” because the universe knows what you need to go through in order to reach your end goal.

There are nearly one million methods for every single human being on the planet for reaching their intended purpose and journey in life. This kind of planning and knowledge is crafted individually for 7 billion people, for every birth. To me, this is a sign of a higher intelligence which intends a greater good for humanity, but not without sacrifice or challenge. Life, and whichever God you believe in, has not already determined for you whether or not you succeed, as you are the only one who can dictate that.

The universe has given you the greatest, most ultimate power by giving you the capability to decide whether you succeed or fail in life.

Life may throw challenges and pain your way, but no one else in the universe, not even a god or goddess has the power to decide whether you achieve your goals and dreams.

You have already lived your entire life before the day you were born. All of the events, phases, and emotions you experienced were planned by a higher, divine being. However, your success or failure is not pre-determined prior to your birth; that is always left up to you and the choices you make in your life. This image I created myself will give you a better understanding of this process that your soul went through before birth.


If you can analyse this cycle and what it means in your own life, you possess knowledge of divine intelligence and an understanding of the universe and what it has given to you. Originally what may have seemed to be a curse, will become a blessing through further understanding.

And the greater the challenges you are assigned, the greater you will be awarded.

The universe will not assign you challenges you cannot handle, but sometimes the world’s judgment is wrong. Which results in deaths such as suicide or drug overdose. A life may have been lost without serving its greater purpose in life, but that definitely does not mean that life did not serve its purpose in sending a strong and clear message to others. Tragedies and mass amounts of suffering are how humanity learns and becomes greater as one. On the other hand, if you do overcome those challenges, you will be awarded priceless gifts such as courage, fearlessness, and bravery, to name a few.

I understand you might be asking, “What about the people in poverty, with nothing, no food, and no shelter? Hasn’t the universe been unfair to them?”

The answer to this question is more complex than you might think. Everyone has a place in the world, and I mean everyone.

Humans suffer for a reason. And I believe that it is for one of three reasons. Nobody’s pain ever goes to waste in the universe, ever. The way I see life is that you either: learn from other people, become a lesson to someone else, or you teach lessons to other people through your actions and words.

  1. Some people are a lesson to others.
  2. Some are teachers to others.
  3. Some are examples to others.
  4. Some lessons are to be learned individually, or as humanity, together.
Humans are assigned their own individual purpose.

Some people are to protect, to learn, to educate and teach, to raise awareness, or even to be the voice for those who don’t have one. The list literally goes on forever. And there will always be people who fulfill a negative purpose in life, but this is completely necessary for those who have a positive purpose. The easiest way of explaining that is by asking yourself this:

“If there is no one who wishes to harm others, would people who protect and fight for others exist?”

No, they wouldn’t. There wouldn’t be any balance and no courage to fight if there is no battle to be won. We all have importance in this world, negative or positive. And every life lost or sacrificed means something to world change. I have written a post before answering the question; why are there so many bad people in the world? Which was also the very first blog post I ever wrote. (**)

For example, when one individual dies of a drug overdose, even though it was self-inflicted, society learns something. People begin to understand that drugs kill and seriously harm people every day. This is when the leaders come into play. Leaders of society are those who distribute the message of other people’s suffering and destruction. They see firsthand the tears and blood that are split over serious crises in society, but they are not afraid. And so, they decide to empower other people so that they do not make the same mistakes or are harmed by other people’s mistakes. Who are these people? These are the people who are; lawyers, educators, doctors, writers, readers, advocates, and activists. The people who want to learn, listen, talk to other people and share their experiences in life.

The last group of people is those who learn from others. These are the types of people who see others suffering, and chose to either help and support or choose to peruse a lifestyle devoid of that pain. Using the same example again of drug use, I can further explain this point. Society will either help put a stop to the dangerous hold of drugs, through law enforcement and public awareness, or the people of society will consciously decide to avoid drug use because they have seen it before. Many, many times. Statistics are not meaningless. The higher the numbers become, the greater the issue. And with greater awareness of an issue due to high rates of suffering and mortality, comes understanding. More people will decide to make the right decisions, and help other people reconcile theirs.

The universe was designed so that humans could learn lessons individually, but also together, as one.

The lessons we learn individually exist so that we can learn and grow in our own lives personally, whilst the lessons that humanity learns together are to create a better future for this world. Some of the greatest lessons humanity has learnt together are things such as giving women the right to vote, equal rights for black and white people, and establishing human rights.

So, why were you put on this earth? Ask the universe and it might have already told you.

– Eliana

(**) https://dareseekpower.quora.com/Why-are-There-so-Many-Bad-People-in-the-World

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