It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start

It Doesn't Matter Where You Start by Corey Poirier #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Start
When I first started speaking, I had no idea what I was doing, whether anyone would hire me, and who (if anyone) would care.

I was terrified of the idea of getting onto a stage and speaking in public. The first time I did, I almost passed out, and the first time I spoke in front of a group, it was for free. The first time I was paid for a talk I was paid in gym passes.

Today I am ever so humbled to say that, 15 years in, I have spoken at multiple TEDx conferences, multiple MoMonday’s events, at paid engagements thousands of times throughout North America, and have even won speaking awards.

It Doesn't Matter When You Start by Corey Poirier #Start #TheWellnessUniverse

So much progress has occurred that last year I launched a Speaking Program at to teach others how to get paid thousands for each talk they deliver.

Now, this may sound like a “ME Inc.” post thus far or bragging rights, BUT that is absolutely not the intention.

So, here’s the thing, when I started, I had no business speaking in front of an audience. I had no experience putting a speech together. I had no experience sharing insight, no knowledge of how to structure a talk so people would listen until the end, no experience engaging an audience, and certainly no experience telling story from the stage.

I didn’t even have a lot of transferable skills in that area. I also failed many times along the way, and I was embarrassed in front of people I admired and looked up to. I even began one stage moment without the mic turned on, only discover this partway through, with little chance of recovering.

But here we are 15 years later, and I’m still going, booking events regularly, and exciting things keep happening. What was the takeaway for me, now that I have the benefit of reflection?

That it doesn’t matter where, or how, you start – it matters where, and how, you end.

Imagine if I talked myself into not starting simply because I had no business starting? I’m sure there are things that you want to accomplish but feel you have no business trying/starting?

Imagine if, you don’t start and then later realize what you could have accomplished, the lives you could have impacted, and the great work you could have done. Well, now is not the time for imagining, now is the time for doing.

What action will you take today so that you can accomplish, you can impact, and you can do great work?

-Corey #Start

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