See and Celebrate Our Mother Earth

In 2009, the United Nations created “International Mother Earth Day.” I love this more expansive naming of April 22 beyond our common nomenclature of “Earth Day,”

The Earth and its ecosystems are our home … It is necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth.” The term Mother Earth is used because it reflects the interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species, and the planet we all inhabit.1

This Being named “Gaia”

Many of us are just getting used to seeing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience. Have we considered the same construct for our planet and her myriad life forms?

Several years ago, my relationship with our planet deepened after stumbling upon the multidimensional writings of Dr. Suzanne Lie. In many of her blogs, Dr. Sue describes our planet as “Gaia, a spiritual being having a planetary experience.”  WOW!

“International Mother Earth Day” It Is!

Many cultures around the globe celebrate the Earth as sustainer of all life here. Those who are sensitive to the energy and messages from the Earth share that she is craving our awareness and support! We can easily assist in big and small ways.

In 2015 I was able to travel to Peru, to present a spiritual awakening and healing program and then visit Machu Picchu. That mountain top had called to me from deep within my being each time I saw its photo. Experiencing the Peruvian people\’s open expressions of gratitude and reverence for our Earth, “Pachamamma,” was an additional soul-felt “home coming” to me!

Colors of the Wind

“Colors of the Wind” (from Disney\’s “Pocahontas”) written by Stephen Schwartz communicates our country’s gap in understanding the significance of our planet:

You think you own whatever land you land on
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim
But I know every rock and tree and creature,
has a life, has a spirit, has a name.

We can embrace our planet’s spiritual presence beyond the elements and physical “body,” just as we do for ourSELVES. Maybe we didn’t get this in our yesteryears, but we can change our reality by see(z)ing our power of perception, perspective, and intention in each NOW moment!

How do you imagine humanity would behave differently, if our forefathers not only recognized but also felt Gaia\’s spirit and soul? Each year on New Year\’s Day, we invite massive change within ourselves. Yet each new day can be celebrated as a jumping point toward a better you, a better me, a better world! Why not today?

Earth\’s Guardians in CommUNION, Anchoring LOVE

I’ve created a guided meditation for grounding, expansion, gratitude, release, healing. What a wonderful way to honor and support our planet! Engage, expand, reflect, release, share!

Join me in this process via YouTube as we connect, ground, expand, heal, and release!

I’m also sharing a process for releasing trauma or negativity we and our ancestors have seeded in the Earth. It’s touched upon briefly in the video and outlined, step-by-step HERE.

May this sharing support your forward movement to a new, more expanded way of SEEing and BEing here! You have the power to connect in with unbounded love, to heal the past, and to appreciate and honor life running through and around you!

Connect to Gaia with Love

As you sit or walk or even drive, realize that you\’re connected to the Earth, not only by gravity. Periodically reconnect with Gaia\’s heart. Be mindful about the emotions and energies you are anchoring ~ your emotional footprint. Anchor love and light along your path.

Create peace on Earth; BE peace on Earth. See Gaia. Celebrate her. We are so blessed!

In love and light,


1These statements are excerpted from The Resolution to the United Nations, introduced by The Plurinational State of Bolivia, and sourced from

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