Using EFT to Eliminate Anxiety

Using EFT to Eliminate Anxiety by Lina Landess #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EliminateAnxiety

Using EFT to Eliminate Anxiety by Lina Landess #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EliminateAnxiety

Eliminate Anxiety using EFT Tapping:

Have you heard of EFT, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique?

Perhaps you’ve heard it called Tapping! Tapping, as it has become increasingly popular, has gone mainstream throughout the world. EFT is actually one of a handful of modalities within what is called Energy Psychology (EP) or Energy Medicine (EM). Along with Body Code, TFT, TAT and a host of other energy healing modalities, EFT represents a major paradigm shift in the field of both physical and emotional health and healing.

This paradigm shift presupposes that just about anything can be healed or reversed, and also that a pain or drug-addled existence of managing symptoms and feeling poorly is no longer the best or only option.

EFT, along with other forms of EP and EM, is based on the understanding that the physical universe is made up of energy appearing as matter by vibrating at a certain frequency. Since energy is the blueprint of all matter, this principle applies to everything including all living beings.

Our bodies maintain an ‘energy signature frequency’ that is produced by energy pathways (meridians) and energy centers or vortexes (chakras). If you’ve ever had acupuncture, you have no doubt heard these terms.

The basic premise of EFT is that illness, whether defined as physical or emotional in origin, is caused by ‘energy blocks’ or a ‘disruption in the body’s energy system.’ Thus, we seek to balance any disruptions by releasing the ‘blocks’ that have been impeding the flow of energy through the body. As a result, the body returns to its natural state of health.

What makes EFT so effective and long-lasting is the recognition that anxiety or any other negative emotion is a symptom of a deeper issue.

The body is, in essence, a messaging system, telling us how to stay safe and how to stay alive. The anxiety we feel is actually the body/mind’s way of protecting us. When our fear of being hurt, judged, or worse, is present, our primitive brain, the part of our brain that tells us to fight, flee or freeze jumps into action. It is sometimes over-protective jumping in to protect us, even when we aren’t really in danger.

Since anxiety is ultimately an expression or symptom of fear, we want to get to the cause of the fear.

The first step is to determine whether what you’re experiencing now is similar to anything you’ve experienced in the past or if the issue is a more current one. If there is a repeating pattern, EFT allows us to easily discover its cause, and eliminate anxiety or the feelings of fear that arise when you think of the initial experience or the possibility of a similar one.

Since the subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the difference between an event that happened long ago or one that happened yesterday, the feelings experienced during the initial trauma are as real today as when they first happened. This immediacy of emotion and the eventual recognition that a pattern exists is often what brings a client into a practitioner’s office. At the same time, many people don’t realize that there’s a pattern until we begin to explore the emotions.

Here’s an example that might prove helpful:

Susan, now 34 years old, has accepted a research position, one that will require her to occasionally make presentations to upper-level management. Although she’s excited about her new position, she is anxious about making a presentation to her bosses. After a few months on the job, she has finally been asked to make a one about her work and her findings. She’s been able to wiggle out of this situation so far but realizes that it won’t work this time. Aware that she has to do something drastic, she makes an appointment with an EFT practitioner who works with people who have a fear of public speaking.

When the EFT practitioner asked her to remember the first time she ever felt anxious about speaking in public, Susan recalled an experience she’d had in her 6th-grade Speech class. It was her turn to practice her first 3-minute speech, but when she stood before her classmates, she froze. Her mind went blank and her heart was racing. Her classmates looked at her expectantly, but she couldn’t say a word. Her teacher encouraged her, but Susan couldn’t seem to make her brain work or her mouth move. Finally, the teacher told her to take her seat and that she could try again the following week. Red-faced and embarrassed, Susan knew that she could never stand up in front of her classmates again. She dropped her Speech class the very next day.

The pain of this experience was still operating in Susan’s mind and body, making her deathly afraid of giving a presentation to her bosses. Even as she recounted the story, her anxiety grew. Based on the memory of this traumatic 6th-grade incident, the practitioner instructed her to tap on the feelings she was currently experiencing. After several rounds of tapping, Susan’s anxiety had gone from a 10 to a 4 (on a scale from 0-10). Several more rounds of tapping took her anxiety level to a 0. Susan was now able to envision herself making her presentation with a calm, relaxed sense of confidence.

The initial cause of Susan’s distress, her memory of the fear that had paralyzed her, had been ‘neutralized,’ and the disruption to her energy system ‘repaired.’

Like Susan, clients typically report a new sense of freedom, an experience of feeling lighter after the heaviness of the traumatic memory has been released from their body and mind.

Because EFT allows us to access and neutralize the traumas (life-threatening or not) in a clear, effective, and immediate way, we are able to experience ourselves as we are meant to be; freer, lighter, happier!

– Lina

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