How to Embrace A Stress-Free Life

How to Embrace A Stress-Free Life by Amanda Ajoke Onitiju #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #StressFree

We live in a world where we often hear the word ‘’stress’’ on a daily basis.

Individuals attribute various circumstances and situations to stress, without really weighing on the uniqueness or benefits of each situation thought of as stress. Even the kids these days have a saying ‘’stop stressing me out!’’

Have you ever tried to define what you term stressful or do you classify all difficult and unattainable tasks as stress? Here’s what might happen if you do consider everything as stressful, you may end up being non-productive and sometimes distressed in situations you find yourself in.

Let’s start simply by getting a grip on the term stress.

According to many scholarly publications, ‘’stress is the non-specific response of the body to any demand made upon it in order to maintain balance.’’ With this brief definition, stress can be either positive or negative.

Truth be told, you cannot live a life without a push or pull action, so what you want to make of it becomes a choice.

When you begin to change your perspective of what stress is in your daily situations, you find a way of building it into your existence and begin to convert it into energy for productivity whether it be psychologically, emotionally, or physically. Picture this, you have a wedding coming up, weddings are glorious events with memorable qualities. You begin to plan for your wedding in details taking into consideration the financial factors and physical effort that comes with it. This zaps up your time and resources just for one single event. You tend to lose sleep, lose weight, and focus too deeply on it. The day finally comes, all is set and the event is a success, you laugh with joy all the way, you have definitely accomplished your goal though you lost sleep over it. This becomes a positive stress; one that you wholeheartedly embraced and it yielded your desired result. This can be the same for so many situations you find yourself in.

The focus for you is to begin by embracing stress as it comes.

This doesn’t mean you allow it to define you nor do you allow it to destroy your health, it also doesn’t mean staying in the negative all the time or seeing yourself as a failure. What it does mean is bringing out the best in every situation, being flexible, determined, and building resilience to deal with situations mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Mentally embracing stress will require you to create a focus in everything you do. Focus gives you the power to climb over rocks and build bridges. The mental work will require you to convert any time-bound activity into speed driving yourself with enthusiasm and willpower to succeed at what you do. What you perceive as stress becomes a push through. When you embrace it with this positive and exploratory mindset it becomes a hug you give yourself. If you don’t pull through, you simply embrace it as another adventure to undertake. The mind is a powerful tool. When you focus on embracing any form of stress in a positive manner, it unlocks new potentials that increase your resilience giving you peace in otherwise stressful situations.

Truly, many people face emotional stress attributed to family, relationships, friends, and work environments.

The emotions of a human being could run wild causing you to perceive simple situations as stress. Hence, to emotionally embrace stress, is to guard your heart with diligence; in this case, you do not expect much from anyone, instead, you see everyone with the eyes of empathy, knowing that you can be fallible. Picture others as a looking glass, embrace it and let go of whatever might be offered to you. This is not to say you may not react to situations that get you down or upset, but rather not to allow the circumstance to tamper with your emotional state each time.

It might be tricky to learn to balance emotions that help you embrace stress arising from painful sources, not allowing them to consume you will require you to bring your emotions in check. Adaptation will help you embrace emotional stress. Shifting focus to what you think might make you forget may not be the solution but dealing with the factor at hand will definitely give you the freedom to move on without hurting yourself or others.

This will require you to become creative and get into constructive thinking strategies that will eliminate anxiety and depression.

Have you ever asked yourself, “why do I fight stress?” The question should be “what have I gained from constantly fighting stress?” Being able to identify the so-called physical stressors will help you gain a perspective of what you are dealing with and how to transform the situation to serve your needs. Embracing physical stress will require you to apply physical principles like looking at what your body needs to embrace that stress like boxing, cardio training, or even power yoga. When you embrace these as part of your life, your body begins to respond to what is offered and builds greater strength to overcome the task at hand.

So then, why not embrace each step of activity in body, mind, and spirit use every moment as an opportunity to build new strength for everyday living. Instead of falling into negativity, use each situation to create a possibility for living free and happy. Everything lies within you.

You get to decide what makes you happy. Make a conscious choice today to embrace a stress-free life.

– Amanda

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