Embracing Acceptance

Sejal G

A new subject always creates a sensation. A stone when thrown in a pond creates ripples and so it becomes with any new endeavor. There is ripple, sensation, debate and finally acceptance. Why is there always so much controversy in acceptance? It seems as though each new change has to break through the walls of resistance to make it inside. Why don’t we simply open the door to let it come in, welcome it and see if it serves us a purpose. If it doesn’t serve us a purpose, let it go for others who can use it.

Acceptance is an essence of love because of all the positive quality it holds. Acceptance makes us kind, humble, understanding, loving and positive. Acceptance is the first step towards a positive joy filled life. A great example of nature would be water, which is colorless or can be of any color when mixed. But when we touch water, feel her, understand her essence and her purpose to the world, she is priceless. There is nothing compared to the purpose she holds for the world. From our birth to our daily purpose, we need her. We drink, wash, clean, purify and heal with water. Water is our substance and perhaps not useful in another planet, but much needed here.

What is the need of peaceful acceptance?

Peaceful acceptance is necessary and much needed because we live in a world which evolves each day. Our eyes don’t necessarily see the daily changes but it does change. Scientists, philosophers and creative people create new creations, art, inventions, new discoveries, find new illnesses, new ideas and new concepts. Each day there is a new creation of life and idea. What is old makes room for the new. The world wouldn’t have come so far without having let go of the old and accepting the new, but there has been much resistance and suffering in the process. World leaders, early days scientists, saints, writers, artists, creators have been criticized, condemned and even abolished. We’re far from that age now. In the new age, with acceptance of new ideas and changes, we’ve created a world of equality and humanity. But there still lies resistance to new changes or ideas and we could still profit by embracing acceptance in our daily life. Perhaps it’s a good reminder to understand the concept of peaceful acceptance in our lives and all the lives of selfless humans in the world who just thought of good for the world and ended up fighting for the cause.

How we can embrace acceptance peacefully?

By letting go of resistance to change:

Accepting means letting go of resistance to change. Resistance is a heavy energy that builds blocks around us. By resisting, we’re in fact blocking our own energy to flow and this might block positive energy to create and flow in and around us. There have been so many fights and wars just because of not being able to accept new ideas, different lifestyles or cultures. Lord Jesus spoke of love and there was so much resistance. Lord Buddha was a prince and he wouldn’t have to run from his palace had his parents understood his need for peace when they lived at a time where kings fought for their lands and there was always war going on. Mahatma Gandhi was also criticized for speaking of peace.

Judging for ‘self’ only after embracing the new:

Acceptance without judgment may be difficult but that is the original purpose of acceptance. To judge without understanding its value, use and concept is simply draining our energy. When we embrace a new idea; understand its concept, use, then only decide or be a judge for ‘oneself’ only. If it doesn’t serve you a purpose, leave it for the next person who might benefit from it. Creativity flows on earth and each creation is but an original creation of the Creator. Mother Nature embraces us and accepts us all. Walking in light means accepting ourselves and all creations of nature.