Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Part 3

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Part 3 by Wendy Mackowski #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TappingPart3

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Part 3 by Wendy Mackowski #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #TappingPart3

In Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Part 3, WU World Changer Wendy Mackowski shares 5 different success stories of those who used EFT to solve a problem in their lives. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2!

Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Part 3: 5 Real Life Success Stories

If you have been following this series of articles on EFT, hopefully, you have been encouraged to try it for yourself. Or perhaps you already are using this self-help tool, and have gained insight into some new ways of using it in your life.

The best way to finish up this series of articles is to give you some good examples of people who have actually made significant changes in their lives through the use of tapping.

I have worked with many clients over the years and I would like to share a few stories that will give you a good sense of what can happen even if you leave just a small space open for possibilities. I have found that creating a safe space for exploration and approaching each situation without expectation of what might happen, the results often amazed me.

Our pre-conceived beliefs and judgments are sometimes our biggest hindrance to change. Being open to new ideas and results is the first step in realizing them. Tapping is a great tool not only for working on problems and symptoms, but also, on the beliefs we hold around those problems or symptoms.

Here are some examples of real life people who have moved forward using EFT:
  1. She lived with a fear of leaving her house:

About 10 years ago, a client came to me as a referral from her sister who was also a client. She suffered from agoraphobia, which caused her to get very anxious when she left her house. She had a fear not only of unfamiliar environments, she even feared to go to her sister’s house. We worked together for three sessions over a couple months doing EFT along with some coaching, and she was able to manage her anxiety and reduce her panic attacks until she actually became able to go places without fear. I recently re-connected with her sister to do some coaching, and I asked how Claire was doing. She said she is able to go places and remain calm. If she does feel some anxiety begin to rise up, she taps it away and is able to manage it.

  1. She experienced anxiety whenever she smelled cigar smoke:

Another client several years ago named Marie always had a panic attack whenever she would walk by someone on the street smoking a cigar. She knew it was related to her traumatic experiences as a child where she was the victim of child abuse and her perpetrator was a cigar smoker. Although she had been through therapy and had healed much of her trauma, the cigar smoking association continued to stick.

After several sessions of EFT, she was feeling confident that she had eliminated this problem. She happened to take her car in for some repair work and the person who worked on it happened to be smoking a cigar. She was amazed how she had no reaction—no shortness of breath, no feelings of panic like she had previously experienced. Marie has also recently re-hired me to do some business coaching, and I asked her about the cigar smoke. She said, “Nope not an issue anymore at all.” So, if you feel stuck in old outdated patterns or beliefs, or just want to move ahead with less struggle and more ease, give this self-help tool a try. There are absolutely no side effects and nothing to lose.

  1. A woman with Chronic back pain:

A woman attended a class of mine one evening she was skeptical of the process but still came to check it out. She had a pain running down her right hip and leg that had been going on for several weeks. She had been to the chiropractor, etc. but it hadn’t budged. We did several rounds of tapping in the class. She was pretty self-aware and when we explored the emotion related to this pain, the anger she was holding around her boyfriend came up. We did some tapping on this anger and when we were finished the leg pain was gone. I know to the logical mind the two seem unrelated, but the results were dramatic! In a follow-up months later, she shared that the pain had never returned.

  1. She wanted to stop smoking:

A young woman came to me who had been smoking for 10 years and really wanted to be smoke-free. We did a combination of EFT and some hypnosis. She was able to stop after just 3 sessions and has been smoke-free for over 10 years. The EFT really helped with reducing the nicotine cravings and calming her anxiety, which was part of the reason she smoked, to begin with.

  1. A businessperson who procrastinated making sales calls:

I had a client who owned her own business and was quite successful, but she hated the way she procrastinated every time she sat down to call prospects. She would get very nervous and visualize them rejecting and getting mad at her. She would do just about anything to avoid making these calls that were vital to her business growth.

After learning EFT, she was able to quickly do a few rounds each time she had to make her calls. It helped calm her down and dissipated the negative charges to where she could be more relaxed and neutral and much more effective.

To learn more about EFT and how the process works, I invite you to visit my website. Also, a great source for official EFT information, examples of people across the world using this technique effectively, and the scientific research that has been done to prove its validity, visit EFTUniverse.com.

– Wendy


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