Empower Yourself by Taking Responsibility

The Wellness Universe Empower Yourself by Taking Responsibility #WUVIP


The Wellness Universe Empower Yourself by Taking Responsibility #WUVIP

Let me ask you a question. Is life something that happens to you or is it something that happens through you?

Many people think of their lives as something that just happens to them. Feeling that they are at the mercy of the tides to take them wherever they will, instead of something that they are in control of. They will often just drift through life reacting to the actions of circumstances and others, instead of taking the necessary steps that come from take responsibility.

More often than not, when things are not going our way is when we feel like this. As human beings we have a beautiful gift to self-sabotage or hold ourselves back in subtle or not so subtle ways most often once we are well on our way to the success we dream of.

To remove that inner resistance we must feel and think that we actually deserve what we want. By taking responsibility for what has happened and happens in our lives, we gain control of how we react and respond to the gifts and opportunities that are presented to us.

This is the foundational principle I teach all my coaching clients that are looking to embrace a life of happiness and success. This means that nothing is someone else’s fault or our own. This is not about blaming others or ourselves.

Blaming comes from a position of weakness, a victimized mentality that doesn’t have any control over life. See, I believe that the key to gaining personal power and strength is to take full responsibility for our lives and absolutely everything that happens in it, that involves ourselves, and openly acknowledging and accepting how things are without an ounce of resistance.

The honest truth is that life isn’t always fair. While we may not be able to control everything that happens to us, we are nevertheless responsible for how we think, act, and feel in response to those things. Life is simply life. It has no agenda and has the ability to surprise us, when we least expect it too.

Taking responsibility is incredibly empowering.

It’s a measure of your courage, your self-confidence, self-worth and of your mental strength, toughness and resilience.

This then encourages solution-based thinking that can lead to a plethora of creative ideas to help resolve our problems more effectively. So think of yourself as a creator of, not a victim of. Take full responsibility for who you are, who you will become, the choices you make, and I guarantee you the more successful you’ll be.

And more importantly, the prouder you’ll be for taking responsibility for who you’ve become.