Empowerment through Divine Femininity

Empowerment through Femininity by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Femininity

Empowerment through Divine Femininity by Nadia Kim #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Femininity

Imagine falling asleep, and as you slip into the dream world, one vision fades into another.

Before you know it, you are dreaming that you are with another woman. You find yourself being intimate with her. The two of you, both women, connecting with each other in a way that you normally don’t envision or fantasize about, but in this dream, the two of you move in a fluid motion, doing what needs to be done to please one another. When I woke, I had to take a moment to process what this all meant. Dreams can never be taken literally. Dreams are symbolic. So, what was the symbolism for me? It had to do with something I have only learned about in recent years called the Divine Feminine. The dream conveyed a message that I was finally merging with that energy.

If I have lost you at this point, let me stop to explain. Every human is made up of both feminine and masculine energy. Each type of energy has specific characteristics. Divine femininity is about tapping into the creative life force, filled with ideas, to rely on feeling and intuition, to allow yourself to receive from others and not only just be the giver, to show unconditional love and acceptance, forgiveness, nurturing, patience, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, emotional without judgment. To be heart centered in thought and approach to life.

By embodying these traits, we align with our feminine energy and therefore connect to Divine Femininity.

The masculine energy would be the opposite characteristics. Being a giver, standing strong in your power, using force, brains, brashness, harshness, suppressing emotions, more logical, ego-driven were all ways of tapping into the Divine Masculine. We are all capable of being both sides. The goal is to balance the two energies within us.

It wasn’t until I began pulling away from religion and into the world of spirituality, which was all-encompassing of different practices, that I was introduced to terms like feminine and masculine energy. In my mind, I thought that one was speaking about females and the other was speaking about males. I heard the term Divine Feminine. In my mind, I questioned, “What the hell did that have to do with me?” At first, I did not try to understand. I was busy being mom, worker, wife. I was living my life on auto-pilot. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Several years later, those terms became a staple in my daily diet. My desires changed as I grew, to be ones of connecting to my creativity, to have scores of ideas flowing from my mind, to birth new projects. Also, I desperately wanted to increase my intuition and psychic abilities, because I knew that would benefit not just me, but those I sought to help. I yearned to be a Divine channel for the masses. To use my gifts in service of my tribe. This too would require me to stretch beyond the limits of my comfort zone and my way of life.

And in order to achieve all those goals, I needed to come into alignment with the Feminine and Masculine energies.

What I learned, was that I would have to ask others for help, and be strong enough to wait for the right people to enter my life so that I could have a support system. It meant that I could no longer suffer in silence, but must find my voice and begin to use it. It meant healing out loud for all to see, and being okay with the vulnerability I felt as a result. I had to begin to allow others to nurture me the way I nurtured them, and spend time looking deep within myself asking, “What would it take to tap into my feminine energy?” The answer would come as a surprise to me. I heard within myself that I needed to do more for me. To cherish my body with sacred baths, wine and a good book, and monthly massages. It meant putting myself first so that my tank would be filled in order to give to others. I heard words like being emotional wasn’t weak, and I needed to sit with my pain instead of suppressing it. They told me to look in the mirror and learn to love my body and all its dimples, curves, ridges, and wrinkles, free from judgment or comparison to older iterations of myself.

As soon as I followed that inner voice, the floodgates opened and ideas poured freely from me, my psychic abilities increased ten-fold.

I found myself becoming part of an unstoppable team of physical and divine beings all working together to help me achieve that which I came here to do. I had merged both masculine and feminine.

I was finally whole.

– Nadia

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