Catherine Gruener\’s Encouragement Parenting Tips for December

Catherine Gruener's Encouragement Parenting Tips for December by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ParentingTipsForDecember

Catherine Gruener\'s Encouragement Parenting Tips for December by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ParentingTipsForDecember

Parenting Tips for December: Closing Out the Year Consciously. 

Welcome to Catherine Gruener’s Encouragement Parenting Tips for December! Each month, WU World Changer Catherine Gruener will share new tips that will encourage you to learn new, positive parenting techniques!


“Parenting has more to do with how you relate to your world than what your child is doing.”

– Catherine Gruener

We parent as we were parented, or parent in reaction to how we were parented.

Sometimes, neither make us feel good nor curb problematic behaviors or teach the wanted behaviors to our children.  One of the best ways to bring more joy, more connection, and more fulfillment into your home life is to self-reflect and work on you. Below are some guided questions so that you can close out 2018 and be a more conscious parent in 2019.

Question 1:

What experiences and favorite memories of you and your family from 2018 filled your heart?

List all the things that made you smile: ________________________________________

Question 2:

How do those memories make you feel?

Write a few sentences about how those memories made you feel: ________________________________________

Question 3: 

What actions did you take to create those memories?

What did you do? 

What was your part in creating those memorable events? 

Write a few sentences about the action steps you took to create those memorable events: ________________________________________

Question 4:

What struggles occurred in 2018?

What brought you fear, pain, or discomfort?

List out your struggles, without judgment or blame: ________________________________________

Question 5:

What lessons did you learn about yourself as a parent in 2018? (Think carefully about your joys and pains, and what they may have taught you this year.)

What were the consequences? 

What are your insights?

Write a few sentences on what you learned about your parenting lessons and insights: ________________________________________

Question 6:

If you are carrying around your pains, what are you willing to release and let go of? 

What habits, thoughts, patterns, or behaviors are you going to leave behind in 2018? 

I will let go of: ________________________________________

Question 7:

What do you want more of in 2018? (Think big and be brave.)

If my family life was all that I hoped for: 

  • I would be: ________________________________________
  • My children would be: ________________________________________
  • My family would be: ________________________________________
  • My ______ would be: ________________________________________

Action Steps:

What steps will you take to create the family life that you want in 2018? 


May 2019 be all that you hope for and more.

Happy Parenting!

– Catherine

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