Catherine Gruener\’s Encouragement Parenting Tips for January

Catherine Gruener's Encouragement Parenting Tips for January by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ParentingTipsForJanuary

Catherine Gruener\'s Encouragement Parenting Tips for January by Catherine Gruener #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ParentingTipsForJanuary

Welcome to Catherine Gruener’s Encouragement Parenting Tips for January! Each month, WU World Changer Catherine Gruener will share new tips that will encourage you to learn new, positive parenting techniques!

Encouragement Parenting Tips for January: 3 Myths, 3 Tips, 3 Phrases

“Connection is the most important tool and even though connecting may be the last thing you are thinking about with a screaming child, it is exactly the approach that is needed.”  Catherine Gruener

In last month’s Encouragement Parenting article, I offered some guided questions to help us become more conscious parents and set our goals for 2019. I left you with the question, “what steps you will take to create the family life you want in 2019?”

Action steps require some planning! Here are three myths with three tips to help you plan your next action steps.  Plus, a bonus video on specific words you can use to empathize with your children.

Here Are the 3 Myths:

  1. My Child Should Know What to Do:

Our children watch, observe, and copy what we do, but unfortunately, they cannot mind read.

  • Prompt your child before you want them to do something.  Tell them what you want them to do, not what you don’t want them to do.
  1. My Child is Disobeying me All the Time:

Kids will do well when they can.  They want to be helpful, they want to feel good about themselves and they want you to feel good about who they are and how they act too.  If you feel like your child is disobeying all the time, you’ve gotten into a parent trap.

  • Be specific, be kind, ask only once, and most importantly, pay attention to them when they do the thing that you ask them to do. 
  1. I Don’t Need to Say Anything:

(when my child is doing what they are supposed to be doing)

What we focus on happens more.  If you focus on what a child is doing wrong, they will focus on that as well.  When you focus on your child doing the right thing, they feel good and will do that behavior more.  Everyone loves an appreciation.

  • Pay attention to them, thank them, give them positive feedback when your child does the behavior that you want.

3 myths with 3 tips; Simple action steps that you can do to help create more connection with your child.

Watch our quick video tip below to learn what 3 little phrases you can use to connect more closely with your child:

– Catherine

See you back here this time next month for my Encouragement Parenting Tips for February!

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