Energy from an Angelic Walk-In Experience

Energy from an Angelic Walk-In Experience by Angelica Rose #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WalkIn

This article is about Energy from an Angelic walk-in experience.

What would happen if instead of the human form dying, your spirit continued the journey as a spiritual being having a spiritual experience, in human form? Usually, when a human is complete with what he or she came to learn on Earth, their human form dies. They finished what they came to learn on Earth in that expression form they are in, and they move on to the next experience of their evolution. Their spiritual journey helps with deciding whether that entails incarnating on Earth as someone different or moving on. When one chooses to evolve spiritually, some come to a point in their life where they wake up and realize they are a spiritual being having a human experience. Can you imagine incarnating as an Angelic walk-in while discovering a human incarnation for the first time?

I am often asked: “What does a walk-in mean, and what happened to the other soul that left?”

A walk-in experience is when two individual soul expressions switch places. The first soul has gone as far as he or she can go in their evolutionary development and is ready to move on. The soul that has taken their place will serve in a different capacity than before. The Universe grants permission for this to take place. Another term to call this experience is soul transference. The other soul continues on their journey, either to reunite with a loved one and/or continues to another place, to carry on their learning without returning to Earth.

With a walk-in, a more evolved spirit comes into the human body and sustains the journey.

The spirit is an energy that is pure until it comes into form with the belief systems it came to evolve. Imagine dying with the knowledge you have now, and then you incarnate again on Earth as a baby. You come in wiser because you learned from your previous incarnation.

For me, instead of coming in at birth, I dropped into a body at the age of 37 and continued the journey where the other expression left off. The other expression that was complete moved on by leaving the body as a spirit. This is where the body normally dies. Instead, I dropped into the body as a spiritually more evolved expression incarnated than that of what was originally residing in the body, to continue the journey of awakening the human ego and serving my purpose as an Angelic. I was guided by the Angels and Christ to help me navigate the energy to a different frequency making it easier to release the emotional control.

Before your spirit incarnates in a human form, it is pure energy.

The human expression is a form filled with belief systems. There are conscious and unconscious beliefs embedded in the form of energy stored in the emotional, mental and physical energy field. Some are serving your greatest good, and others are hindering you. Whatever you give your power to expands. Self-defeating beliefs come up to the surface in the form of thoughts, emotions, and physical body. If you focus on, judge, fear, or become insecure with them, you get stuck like glue, and you attract more of these self-defeating beliefs. If you see them for what they are, as energies to be released, you can bless them and let them go. Then you are able to fully align with the new energies that are downloaded. This helps you create healthier beliefs and heightened levels of love, joy, peace, and prosperity.

When enough of the self-defeating beliefs are released, you experience a level of freedom.

There’s a high vibration of energy that comes from love and a lower vibration of energy that stems out of fear and insecurity. These beliefs can either be for your greatest good or they can hinder and limit you from experiencing a deeper connection to inner peace, love, joy and overall well-being. Depending on how we feed the energy, it can either come in the form of unconditional love that is fed by joy and peace or conditional love fed by fear and insecurity. Unconditional love does not attach to unpleasant conditions or people. It lives in the present moment instead of the past or future. We live life with heightened levels of love, joy, prosperity, and peace as we connect to Universal Love. Alternatively, conditional love has attachments to beliefs that come from the past and present.

When self-defeating beliefs dominate your life, you will experience fear and insecurity.

The more you allow these self-defeating beliefs to have control, the stronger they become and turn into habits. The great news is that energy is easy to transmute before it comes into form, so you do not feel stuck in self-inflicted beliefs. Self-defeating beliefs are teachers to help you learn lessons and become smarter, “spiritually.” If you perceive these lessons with a problem-oriented focus, you will have a tendency to complain, blame, and judge them and experience more struggles and suffering.

As these beliefs in the form of energies get transmuted, your vibration raises in frequencies of love, and you get to express in a fuller way. Eventually, you experience freedom, a heightened frequency level of inner peace, greater joy, and pure love in human form. You become more of an observer of any thoughts and emotions that may stand in the way of your happiness and can quickly bless and release them. You let go of the attachments to the past beliefs to measure up to what you are currently experiencing or the expectations of future outcomes.

You enjoy the now-moments in life.

Denser energy such as fears, insecurities, negativity, and limitations make you feel stuck in self-defeating beliefs. Whereas higher frequency energy such as love, confidence, joy, and prosperity-consciousness create healthier belief systems. The conditions in the outer world and people reflect your dominant belief systems. When you take responsibility for your own inner evolution, you look inside and strengthen the bond of divine love versus giving your power to the outer world. You learn to see what the outer world is showing you. You can shift inside your belief systems when a contrasting belief is triggered from the outer world. You replace it with new thinking patterns that empowers you. Therefore, putting more attention on what was going on inside the human expression versus giving power away to the outside world influences. Avoid getting caught up in the denser energies in our thoughts and emotions.

Chattered thoughts take up so much time and energy because the human mind wants to figure out what is going on. Letting go and allowing provides for greater clarity and wisdom. You can raise your energy vibrations by keeping the thoughts silent or imagining something you are grateful for. Focus your emotions on appreciation. Be grateful for all situations that present the perfect opportunity to express love. Embrace, accept, and bless it, and know Universal Love is always in you and everywhere.

Life is not about solving problems or suffering. If we embrace the discomfort, we do not amplify the energy of suffering. This can include how you perceive people’s behaviors or situations. Focusing on both, inner love strengthens the truth of love, joy, peace, etc. Universal Love is omnipresent and omnipotent. Connecting to Universal Love allows for greater love, joy, and peace at higher vibrations.

There is nothing to fix. You are not broken. Choose to celebrate life and the love it has to offer.

You can shift a fear-based mentality by seeing people and outer world conditions as temporary energies, instead of attaching to the form they are in. Focus on heightened love and appreciation versus judging it, so you don’t get stuck in that energy. Judgment sucks you into the experience out of insecurity or fear. Love it all using discernment with that which is not serving you and your chosen lifestyle. If you see a repeated pattern in your life with people and situations, become the observer to see what beliefs are dominant. I call that being mindful. Focus on appreciation, love, gratitude, to keep your energy frequency high. This will prevent you from taking in the dense energy. Choose forgiveness and peace. It is not about being right but instead having freedom from that which keeps you stuck.

If you feel turmoil or discomfort, there is something for you to learn from that situation.

Move any potential thoughts out of judgment and into the heart. Feel love with situations that could potentially annoy you or surrender it to the Universe if it becomes easier to do that instead. Stay present without comparing beliefs about the past or future. Connect to Universal Love for unconditional love. We start with pure love energy and come into the human form, and we leave with amazing wisdom from the Earth School.

A great way to enjoy life is knowing you can appreciate the moments in life and have higher energy frequencies.

– Angelica

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