When Your Energy Body Fails, You Can, Too

When Your Energy Body Fails, You Can, Too by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EnergyBody

When Your Energy Body Fails, You Can, Too by Robyn Fritz #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #EnergyBody

We go about our days so busy, so overloaded, that thinking about learning one more thing can either make us give up or swear a lot (or both, come on, it’s okay, we’re human).

So it’s sometimes hard to think about metaphysical topics, let alone use the techniques and strategies that intuitive and spiritual consultants like me say you should. Because we’re busy enough with the real world, right?

Except, of course, that the real world includes a lot more than we know, and that means we’re missing out on things that can make our lives easier and better. And all of us want and need that.

One of those things is our energy boundaries or energy body.

We each have one, but because it’s invisible, we tend to walk around ignoring ours, and so it easily becomes depleted. That’s when we get the real world consequences: we’re tired, we never say ‘no’ to family and work demands, we’re drained, we don’t like to be in crowds, we feel we’re missing something and don’t know how to get that “spark” back, and we plain and simple aren’t our best.

I know, because for years my energy boundaries were so messed up I was unwell and unproductive.

Even when I began using my intuitive and healing skills, I wasn’t my best, or even close to it. Check out the video link that is shared at the end of this article as it will explain what happened when I ended up at our regional trauma center, Harborview Medical Center, in Seattle. I was there with a badly injured friend, and when I stepped outside her room for a minute, the nurses asked me which department I worked in. Now I hadn’t been at the hospital in over 15 years, yet they swore they routinely saw me walk in during an emergency, but when it was over and they went to talk to me, I was gone.

Why? Because I was never there physically. Instead, my astral body was responding to an appeal for help from the hospital itself (the soul of the hospital), and my energy body was literally there, offering support.

Once the nurses proved that to me, I went home and ordered my energy body to stay home. With me. In me. And that’s the day I started to get well from a disabling illness.

The lesson? This can happen to all of us. We all need to understand what our energy body is, how it works, and how we can develop and maintain it so it doesn’t get drained by outside forces. So, we can be our best, at home and at work.

Remember, everything you want to do in life requires that your energy body first be strong and healthy.

Every person is different. Come master yours. Because you matter.

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– Robyn

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