Energy Medicine: Using EFT for Pain

Energy Medicine: Using EFT for Pain

Energy Medicine: Using EFT for Pain

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping” is a form of energy medicine.

I came across energy medicine for the first time when I was doing my internship with cancer patients in Miami in 2002.  I have always been interested in learning more about a non-medical approach to treating mental health disorders.

I believe that antidepressants and similar medications are too often prescribed, especially when changes can be accomplished in a much more natural and healthy way. I was conducting stress release groups for cancer patients that included guided meditation/imagery. These complementary treatments cannot really “cure” disease, however, they do work with our subconscious mind.

Energy medicine recognizes energy as a vital, moving force that determines much about health and happiness.

In Energy medicine, energy is medicine, and energy is also the patient. You heal the body by activating its natural healing energies. You also heal the body by restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.

Basically, EFT is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. It is best known through Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s, and related books and workshops by a variety of teachers.

I became familiar with EFT in 2008 when it was introduced to me by a friend of mine who was doing an EFT group. At the time I was dealing with some health issues and I had also developed a benign tumor. I was so fascinated by this technique. I was able to release negative emotions, it assisted me in shrinking my tumor, and helped with diet and lifestyle changes.

Later, I was trained in EFT by Gwen Bowell who was directly trained by Gary Craig. I started using it in my therapy sessions. My clients had great success with this technique with issues such as chronic depression, anxiety, tension headaches, and even muscle aches. I have been successfully using it in treatment now since 2008.

The best way I can describe EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture, except we don’t use needles.

Instead, we use a simple two-pronged process wherein we (1) mentally “tune in” to specific issues while (2) stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips. Properly done, EFT appears to balance disturbances in the meridian system and thus often reduces the conventional therapy procedures from months or years down to minutes or hours.

I also recommend that if you want to learn more go to where you will be able to read further information on several topics and become more familiar with this technique.

Here are some benefits of EFT:

  1. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is safe, needs no equipment and is easy to learn.
  2. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to do EFT tapping.
  3. Anyone can learn to do EFT, even kids! It’s easy to teach to friends and family.
  4. It’s a great tool to effectively calm or soothe yourself emotionally, mentally and/or physically.
  5. With EFT you become responsible for soothing or calming yourself, instead of waiting for another person to change their mood, attitude or behavior so you can feel better.
  6. EFT can be done anywhere (i.e. in the bathroom when you are with others or out in a public place).
  7. If you can’t find a private place to do a few rounds of tapping, EFT can be easily modified i.e. just tap on karate chop or collarbone points

Let’s discuss basic script for using EFT for pain.

First, you will do a “basic recipe,” which means you will tap on the point three times while you repeat “Even though I have this pain, I deeply and completely accept myself,” also three times. Next, you will tap on the rest of the points, and if you like, use your own words to strengthen the statement. For example, “I am willing to release this pain that is causing me a headache.” It’s also important to note the intensity of the pain on a scale of 1-10. Let’s say your pain is a seven. Your goal is to reduce it to zero. You will need to do several repetitions. I would recommend performing this EFT technique at least seven times.

Bonus: Here is a video demonstrating EFT for stress relief.

Have you tried using EFT for pain management? What were your experiences with it? Please share in the comments section below!

– Mateja

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