Essential Oils for Everyday Living: Stepping into 2020

Essential Oils for Everyday Living: Stepping into 2020 by Andrea Warren #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #2020

As you step into 2020, you are going to need an entirely new operating manual.

It is a wonderful time for you to expand your spiritual practices by adding new tools and modalities. If you are not using essential oils, or you are but have yet to step out of your comfort zone, here are a few lesser-known ones that I highly recommend you add to your spiritual-practice toolkit in 2020.

These essential oils can help guide you through this new level of expansion and open you up to endless possibilities:

  • Davana Essential Oil

It is associated with new beginnings and has been used in temples of India for centuries. It is believed to bring peace and emotional balance. This oil taps into your own personal energy, giving it the ability to smell differently on every user.

  • Elemi Essential Oil

The word Elemi is translated, “As above, so below”. Elemi oil is excellent to use in your daily meditation practice. It can align your chakras and bring you back to center. In this place of alignment, Elemi will guide you to connect with your inner source bringing about self-awareness and clarity.

  • Yuzu Essential Oil

A citrus-scented oil, Yuzu can help facilitate change on both an emotional and spiritual level. It can uplift and reset your emotions. I like to diffuse Yuzu when I do my morning journaling; it is an excellent start to the day.

  • Ho Wood Essential Oil

This oil helps to shatter blocks while giving you the courage to take a leap of faith into this next chapter of your existence. Even with all its power, this oil is extremely calming. It is perfect to add to the bottom of your feet before bedtime.

  • Palmarosa Essential Oil

This oil may have a feminine smell, but it is full of masculine energy. Palmarosa oil gives us the power and strength of the masculine, along with love and gentleness of the feminine. This is an excellent essential oil to use if you’re struggling with balance; you may want to either diffuse or apply it directly to the Heart Chakra.

  • Yarrow Essential Oil

This helps enhance your intuition. Yarrow has been known for centuries as an energetic-messenger of the heavens. If you’re in need of an answer, diffuse Yarrow and ask Source the question.

The year 2020 is all about making things happen.

Taking your BIG dreams and making them a reality; these are only a few of the essential oils that can help you manifest your exciting new reality.

In next month’s post, I will be sharing how you can incorporate essential oils into your visualization practice.

I also encourage you to ask questions or share topics you would like me to cover in 2020 in the comments section below!

Happy New Year!

With Appreciation and Love,


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