Essential Oils for Everyday Living: Application Tips

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Essential Oils for Everyday Living: How Essential Oils Work and Application Tips

Essential oils can work through inhalation, topically, and by ingestion.

Inhalation is an extremely effective means of therapeutically using essential oil. When an essential oil is delivered through the nasal passage it can have a positive influence on the body and mind. This is possible because the essential oil can stimulate the brain’s limbic system. This stimulation can produce powerful effects on everything from emotional balance, immune function, appetite, and energy.

Diffusing is the most common way to inhale an essential oil and it is the least overwhelming. Some essential oils can pack a pretty powerful punch.

Here are a few of my favorite essential oil blends to diffuse:


  • 10 drops of Lavender
  • 10 drops of Bergamot
  • 6 drops of Geranium
  • 2 drops of Frankincense

Energy Boost

  • 15 drops of Peppermint
  • 10 drops of Lemon
  • 8 drops of Rosemary
  • 6 drops of Cardamom


  • 15 drops of Cedarwood
  • 10 drops of Sandalwood
  • 10 drops of Frankincense
  • 6 drops of Myrrh

The next type of application for essential oil use is topical.

This by far the simplest way to use essential oil, as well, the fastest way to obtain its therapeutic benefits. According to researchers, when an essential oil is applied to the skin it passes into the bloodstream and disperses throughout the tissues in 20 minutes or less. I highly recommend not applying an essential oil neat; (this means without the use of a carrier oil), to the skin as this may cause skin irritation. A few carrier oils that I enjoy using are fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and almond oil.

As a formulator, I have created hundreds of blends for clients. A few of my more successful blends are:


  • 8 drops of Helichrysum (you can substitute lavender)
  • 3 drops Patchouli
  • 3 drops German Chamomile
  • 2 drops Rose


  • 8 drops of Geranium
  • 5 drops of Lavender
  • 4 drops of Myrrh
  • 2 drops of Peppermint

Joint Joy

  • 10 drops of Wintergreen
  • 8 drops of Lavender
  • 8 drops of Cypress
  • 6 drops of Rosemary

Each of these blends will be for use in a 4-ounce dark-colored bottle, add the essential oils, and then top off with a carrier oil of your choosing.

The final way to use an essential oil is by ingestion.

There has been a ton of debate here and I do understand why. If you don’t understand essential oils and you’re not using a 100% pure essential oil, this can be dangerous. That’s why before ingesting any essential oil, speak with a practitioner or aromatherapist who knows how and which essential oils you can ingest.

Essential oils have been used as flavorings for centuries with a long history of safety. Many of these essential oils are listed as safe for internal use by the U.S. FDA and are listed as “G.R.A.S.”; generally regarded as safe. You can ingest essential oils in a few different ways by adding them to food, distilled water, hot tea, or an empty vegetarian capsule. A general rule is to dilute 1 drop of essential oil in 1 tsp or in a 4-oz glass of a beverage.

I use them in all the ways stated above.

Morning Punch (I am not a morning person)

  • 4oz of distilled water
  • 4 drops of Lemon
  • 4 drops of Grapefruit
  • 2 drops of Peppermint

Mid-Day Boost

  • 4oz distilled water or capsule
  • 3 drops of Orange
  • 2 drops of Nutmeg
  • 2 drops of Cinnamon

PM Tea

  • 3 drops of Lavender
  • 3 drops of Copaiba
  • 2 drops of Frankincense

I hope this has encouraged you to try new ways to use essential oils. I would love it if you shared below your favorite way to use essential oils.

– Andrea

Author’s Disclaimer: This article provides materials for information and education only. It is not to be considered medical advice. We encourage you to contact your physician for any of the health issues discussed here. The field of medicine changes regularly; therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in this article, nor do we guarantee that the information represents the most currently accepted standards.

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