Facing Fears in My Journey

Facing Fear In My Journey By Srimanju Katragadda #WUVIP #Fear #FaceFear #Faith #Trust #Intuition #Conquer #Journey

“There are no more fears that can bring me down.”

Wow, it’s been 14 yrs since I began my journey to embark on a new life in Ireland. The country that I moved to from India, as a 21-year-old with fears of the unknown, carrying just a bag and accompanied by my new husband, whom I married just 24 days prior. He was residing there. I was joining him to start our married life.

I attended a Caroline Myss workshop earlier this year. Something she said stuck to me “if my grandparents can come with a ray of hope from Poland by boat to the U.S. and settle down, there is no other fear that can bring them down”.

That stuck to me, as I came with the same ray of light from India to Ireland. In Indian customs, generally speaking, when girls get married (in arranged marriages like mine was) you are bound to your man’s life till death. There is no going back. This is a custom that I grew up and knew that my life is only forward part and not in the past anymore.

These words also made me think that there are no more fears that can bring me down. I had already crossed my biggest one in the past, and it’s only my strengths that I will move forward with. I have conquered my fear at the young age of 21 years old and I’m hopeful that nothing is tougher, and surely I can conquer anything else that I am faced with. This statement helped me a lot this year to let go of my fears, and if any thought of fear arises, I remind myself of the day I flew for the first time to Ireland with my husband; And I move forward with a smile.

At that time, all I had in my mind was hope, trust and ray of light to see the brighter future of our marriage and togetherness.  I trusted someone I married only 24 days ago, I hardly knew more than my 21-year-old self. Trust is what keeps us going forward, but isn’t it amazing how we have programmed our minds to always trust someone else and not ourselves? As a child to trust your parents, then teachers, then friends, partners and then when you grow old kids. But never ourselves. Just for a change, TRUST your INTUITION and see what happens. Start with baby steps.  Yes, you can do it.

As a couple, we have gone through all ups and downs like any other couple but the trust is what still holds on to in this relationship. Trust on each other and trust in our relationship.

If anyone reading this resonates with this story and been in the same journey just appreciate yourself and smile at your fears. Your fears are always lowered when overpowered by your smiles vibrations, as well as, trust in your personal intuitions. If you don’t do it, no one will.

Original Source To Article Here, With Many Thanks to Srimanju Katragadda.

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