How Far Would You Travel for Inner Peace?

How Far Would You Travel for Inner Peace? by Kristi Borst #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #TravelFor

What if the feelings you desire are closer than you think, the health you desire is closer than you think, the happiness and joy you desire are closer than you think? Join me on this Perspective Reboot® journey to Inner Peace

The above image came to me around this time in 2013, and I used it as my end-of-year Facebook cover image. It\’s a play on the long-forgotten rear-view mirror statement “Objects Are Closer Than They May Appear.” When we apply this spacial warning to our lives, it reflects a great untruth within our “reality.” Why do we not see the closeness of our inner peace? Why must we struggle? When will we be happy? How can we thrive? A deepening of this visual has come through in recent days.

How long have we thought this way? We have been told by science and even through religion that we are “just a speck on the Earth.” You believe you are separate from, well, life itself. How can that be? How can someone else be more important than the other?

Each of us is part of the whole. Like a brick is to a wall. When you remove even one brick (particularly if you imagine others have been removed before it), that wall could shatter. That one brick could be pivotal, IS pivotal to the overall system of balance.

We each hold unique and individual importance. We do not experience life the same as another nor in total awareness of what the other experiences. Even identical twins experience some aspect of their shared life circumstances differently. This unique perspective and experience is largely why we are here in separation. Yet this is a time of being more aware of the whole You. I have experienced that when we live in our authenticity, we not only connect more fully to source, God, the universe, the more we experience inner peace, heaven on Earth, right here, right now! How? Merely by being ourselves!

Unfortunately, most of us have thought the “just a speck” existence was the only way it is. [Some could say life\’s the way “it is” BECAUSE we thought we were “just a speck” or didn\’t really matter. It\’s truly one of those “chicken and egg” situations. You are what you believe, and your beliefs create who you are.]

I\’m inviting you to snap your fingers and visit a different perspective.

Imagine “the objects you desire are closer than you think.” The feelings you desire are closer than you think. The health you desire is closer than you think. The happiness and joy you desire are closer than you think. Ultimately, when we catch a glimmer or a hefty dose of that amazing, blessed, yet largely unconscious connection to everything, how can we continue to believe we are “just a speck”?

Thankfully, those who are sensitive to universal energies within themselves and places on our Earth and messages from higher realms share that things are lightening up, “the veil” between our humanness and the spiritual truths is thinning. I believe this lifting of density assists in lifting illusion.

I\’ve experienced this firsthand. This dynamic, continual shifting toward love is part of the re-awakening and expansion of my divine higher talents to affect myself and others’ mind-body-spirit-emotions. The more I am open to myself, the more I am empowered by love within myself, through me, as me. It is an unfoldment without effort, I am unfolding unto myself, unto all self.

Yes, the energies are supporting and also catalyzing change. Many others are finding their gifts. Have you begun to find your gifts? Have you claimed them?

Or, are you frantically searching? It\’s an ongoing and evolving process. But, if you are frantically searching, you are likely looking in the wrong direction. You are in a rabbit hole, playing hide-and-seek with yourself; you\’ve been going deeper in the hole. I am in that rabbit hole too, but my eye is firmly on emerging and I\’m shining the way for others before and behind me. Actually, we\’re illuminating one another!

The more we see the story, box, quest, relationship imbalance, the more we are able to choose whether it will have our power, energy, focus. Therein lies our power as that brick. It is in our peace and being our true calm, loving self that all balance is restored. First, within the one, we can control and then, spilling out of us into the world. It\’s a virtual wellspring!

Inner peace continues to be my personal focus. As I recognize things that take me away from inner peace, I heal them. I love them free and I become free. The unfoldment within breathes through life as an ever-expanding space in which to be more joyous. Inner peace.

How far would you travel for it?

“The objects you desire are closer than you think. Don\’t forget to remember.” Remember the larger story. Remember who you are and your importance. Do not remain in that rabbit hole facing downward, as it\’s much darker there than it need be. Remember, reconnect, expand, heal, rinse, repeat.

See love and light as your focus,


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