Fearlessly Alone Part 3: In the Midst of Crisis

Fearlessly Alone Part 3 In the Midst of Crisis by Trilby Johnson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FearlesslyAlonePart3

In Fearlessly Alone Part 3, Trilby Johnson shares another entry from her book and explains the large-scale crisis surrounding fear and loneliness. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 2!

Have you ever had those moments when you feel like you may be crazy or there’s something different about you? Or you have thoughts that are so ‘out there’ that you can’t possibly tell anyone about? If so, you keep it to yourself, because you think it’s only you. People would think of you as weird and judge you and look at you as strange.

This is how I felt for a long time!

It took me many years to get up the courage to write about these thoughts and feelings around loneliness and isolation and then to take it that step further and dare to present it to the world in a book. Yet, as I wrote and articulated all of this experience to paper, an amazing thing occurred.

What started out as ‘my story’ became ‘our story!’

When I began researching the link between loneliness and health, I wasn’t even certain if I would find any information. I had no idea if I would find statistics on anything that would correlate with or give credibility to my own experiences and those I have had with others through facilitating healing bodywork. The studies I found were numerous and there were several support associations in place or newly formed.

Something big was definitely happening.

* “Society is in the midst of a crisis! There is a large-scale crisis occurring around fear and loneliness and it is time to find an antidote before it becomes even more wide-spread. The challenge is to look at the symptoms flaring up and identify the underlying origin. Problems can only be solved when the source issue is transformed. Merely dealing with the symptoms is like covering a gaping wound with an adhesive plaster and expecting it to heal fully. Temporary solutions don’t create long-term healing. Even research now highlights the link between loneliness and health issues.

Loneliness is a form of fear. It can be felt very intensely, causing high levels of stress over time. When under stress, the body releases the hormone cortisol. When the cortisol levels are too high, this impedes brain function and has a long-term negative impact on the body’s nervous and immune systems. Left unchecked, over time this will affect the individual’s health levels.

I wanted to include research that substantiates my point: loneliness and isolation are not only quantifiable; they are on the increase. I was surprised at the extent of the research available and that documents the correlations between loneliness and health.

What this research indicates, is that we are dealing with a much more prominent and invasive issue than the general public can imagine. Largely due, I believe, to the fact that many people feel too ashamed to talk about loneliness and feeling isolated because they often believe there is something wrong with them. Our bodies, however, are speaking up and showing clear symptoms that something is not right. There is certainly a crisis at hand!” *

The research cited in the book indicates that lifestyle does have an impact on our health and vice versa. As humans, we tend to see events linearly and what the research highlights, is the association between lifestyle on the one hand and what are becoming more common health issues on the other hand.

The studies reflect that our emotions and mindset are manifesting conditions like obesity, higher risk of developing certain diseases and increased mortality, high blood pressure, vulnerable to depression or anxiety, disability or dementia, and attempted suicide. These are clear signs of distress that require actionable behaviour, from us as individuals and socio-health reform, that will breach the gap and create emotional and physical healing. I can feel countless human bodies sigh with relief – finally, the penny has dropped!

Looking at it from a positive angle, this research is raising awareness and there is great potential for change. The purpose behind FEARLESSLY ALONE is that it serves as a source of information on this topic and to be a reminder that how we build our lives comes down to personal choice and responsibility.

It’s time to reframe our game.

Even in a crisis, each of us has the ability and potential to transform the situation. For every problem, there is one, if not more, solutions from which we can grow and learn more about ourselves and the sacred connection between the body, mind, and spirit that we all have and share. This is our freedom and the ingredients to creating happy, healthy and successful lives and bodies. This is how we can serve everyone and emerge transformed from a crisis!

– Trilby Johnson

* ©Trilby Johnson 2016 excerpts from “FEARLESSLY ALONE”

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