Fearlessly Alone Part 5: Act Like a Master

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In Fearlessly Alone Part 5, Trilby Johnson shares another excerpt from her book that explains how we have the ability to own being the master of our lives. Late joining this series? Catch up from the beginning with Part 1 or from last week’s Part 4!

For this final part of the blog series, I have chosen to discuss chapter 13 A Sovereign Master. Although this is not the final chapter, it is the one that for me presents the reader with the real underlying message and invitation of the book. Whatever our life situation has been, I believe that all the trials and tribulations are preparing us to become masters of our lives. While some may see this as a purely a spiritual aspect, the drive to survive and other experiences have shown me the straightforward practical nature of this skill and how it has been buried under misleading concepts and ideologies. And now the veil is being removed!

*“For many years, I struggled to understand and feel Oneness. Until I realized it was something that already was! It was only my belief that I was separate from Oneness that kept me thinking and feeling the separation. There is nothing to attain outside the understanding and knowing that you are already a part of One!

I like to think of each one of us as a Spark of the Divine! As a Spark of the Divine, guess what your role is? It’s three-fold: First, you can create a spark; second, you can be a Spark; and third, you can do what a Spark does – Sparkle! Just like a diamond, each facet reflects colours, aspects and angles of life.

From the Oneness of the diamond emerges the possibilities of being exclusively yourself. You are no more or less than another and yet you are unlike any other. You are an individual with beauty and flaws, ups and downs, bits and bobs, successes and failure, joys and sorrows. You can co-create your life with source energy and share it with others. This is what makes you sovereign and a master.

The way the world has indoctrinated you through society and culture, you may end up feeling inadequate, lacking, confused and alone – that’s the bad side of alone, not the side that celebrates and acknowledges you as a Sovereign Master. The Master has been allocated to realms of superiority by religion and you dare not aspire to that grandeur. Yet, has not the message of all Masters been that you too are a Master, if you but allowed it?” *

If we are going to be the change in the world that we want to see, as Gandhi proposed, we are going to have to acknowledge ourselves as masters. This is the zenith of self-love and a place of new expansion. In this way, we become the invitation that breathes life into this concept and become irresistible to these qualities. We allow the master to emerge – it’s always been there, waiting for the right conditions to be come. At least, that has been my own experience and I would say that I am not the only one. Imagine!

Writing this book has been such a life-changing endeavour and spurt of new growth. Since finishing it, I have realized that writing about these aspects has breathed more creative form into them. The process has been extremely cathartic and added a new perspective of introspection. I was left with a feeling of being emptied out for months afterwards. If you are a writer, can you relate? It was not a desolate emptiness and more a sense of spaciousness that had appeared and a feeling of anticipation. Life felt much simpler somehow. And then the penny dropped. The essence of the master aspect was emerging, having been buried under all that ‘data’ and pushing it to the surface bit by bit. I believe we are all being invited to realize and embody our innate sovereign master within. Although this may not be apparent on the surface and in the face of the lonely crisis, the potential is there. The challenge for many of us will be to see beyond the chaos. To believe that we can find our happy and to allow it. The shift from lonely to happy is possible when we master our lives, our health, our relationships and our energy.

I have enjoyed writing this blog series. I have offered some insights behind the scenes and the book’s content. Whatever your personal story, I am confident that you will find something within these pages that resonates and provides food for thought and practical tasks to motivate and support you.

In Light and Appreciation


p.s. The book FEARLESSLY ALONE is available for order in ebook, paperback and hardcover from any local or online bookshop.

* ©TrilbyJohnson 2016 excerpts from FEARLESSLY ALONE

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