How to Feel the Human Energy Field

How to Feel the Human Energy Field by Csongor Daniel #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HumanEnergy
How to Feel the Human Energy Field by Csongor Daniel #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HumanEnergy
Most people have felt human energy without ever knowing it.

A simple hug comes with a sensation of heat, maybe even some tingling, right? Walking down the street, you may be forced to look back, just to see a person behind you that you have subconsciously felt. How about when you think of someone, just to hear the phone ring a moment later, with that person on the other line? You can write off those incidents as a coincident, but when it starts happening more often, some answers are due.

In reality, you can learn to consciously feel your own, and other individuals’ energy quite easily.

This energy is part of, and surrounding every living being. It changes with every breath we take, with the food and drink we consume, the environment, the people around us, and mostly by our thoughts. Since our energy is supposed to stay in a certain balance, excess or deficiency in it or blockages in its flow may cause disturbances resulting in illness. The goal of a healer would be to find those imbalances and restore them to a healthy equilibrium, which helps the body heal itself. Thus the need to consciously feel it.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Bioenergy Healing: Simple techniques for Reducing Pain and Restoring Health through Energetic Healing.

For your first exercise, lift your arms up straight in front of you with your palms facing down. Let your hands drop with your fingers relaxed all the way. Now lift your fingers up, so your hands are perfectly aligned with your outstretched arms. Repeat two or three times until you can differentiate the amount and location of muscular tension between the two positions. There should be just a bit of tension in the upper part of your hands as well as in your fingers when they are up.




This tension will provide a guideline to the feeling that accompanies the radiation of energy from your hands.

Now, still maintaining the light tension in your hands, let your elbows drop, and visualize holding a basketball between your perfectly parallel hands. The better you visualize it, the faster you will feel it. Once you think you have it, give it a little squeeze: let your palms come together by an inch and then pull them back to the starting position. Repeat several times. What do you feel? Can you feel the ball? Can you feel the resistance between your hands—as if you were pressing an actual ball or balloon? Have you ever played with magnets—when you try to push them together and they resist? That is how this feels. Magnets attract each other as long as the positive side faces the negative side of the other magnet. However, when you try to push the same polarities together, they resist with varying degrees relative to their size. Your hands act like weak magnets.



You won’t need major muscle power to push your hands together, but if you are able to feel the energy, there will be a slight resistance that is quite amazing the first time (and every time!) you feel it.

Continue bouncing your hands back and forth a little faster. Some of you will feel the ball much better this way. Now, start getting your hands closer and closer to each other with every bounce. You may feel a subtle difference at certain points. You have several layers of energy around you, and some of you may be able to feel them. Don’t worry if you don’t. What else do you feel? Can you feel the warmth between your hands? Isn’t it strange that you can actually feel it—since your hands are both the same temperature? Also, can you feel tingling? It won’t feel like pins and needles—but tingling nevertheless. Now bring your hands to an inch distance from each other, and hold them there for a minute. Make sure that your hands are flat and your fingers are straight. Can you still feel the previous sensations? Some of them intensified, didn’t they? At this point, if you move your fingers just a little bit, especially if you bend them a tiny bit and then straighten them back up several times, you may feel as if your knuckles need lubrication. They feel a bit squeaky, don’t they?

All of what you are feeling at this point is the sensation that accompanies the radiation of bioenergy.

After holding your hands at an inch distance for a while, start circling them. Do you remember the feeling when trying to push the magnets together? They wouldn’t go of course, but they would try to avoid each other in a circular fashion. That is the exact feeling you may experience here. Your hands will follow a certain circular path. This is a bit harder to feel than the previous exercise, but if your arms are relaxed enough and your hands are just a bit tight, you will feel the gentle circle and the subtle resistance. Keep trying! Once you feel it, you may increase the size of the circle and experiment to see how far you can separate your hands while still feeling the energy. You will be surprised by the size of the energy ball!

Now bring your hands back together, and stop at an inch distance. After about five seconds, slowly pull your hands apart. Can you feel the resistance to this motion? This resistance shows you that the “magnets” are not only between your hands, but also on the outside of them. As a matter of fact, they are everywhere since the energy surrounds your entire being. We use our hands for this exercise because they have the most sensory receptors. Thus, we will use our hands for not only our everyday tasks, but for healing as well.

We can heal with any part of our body indeed, but the hands are the most effective “feelers.”

If you have trouble feeling the energy, you can try a little trick: press down hard on the middle of the palm of your hand with the other hand’s thumb for a few seconds. Repeat on the other palm. This pressure will increase the sensation in those spots, so you can feel the energy easier. Later on, with some practice, you may not need this trick at all. Repeat the previous exercises with this newfound sensation. These drills are designed to give you the best sensitivity for bioenergy.

Practice them until you reach a point where you can feel the energy within seconds of trying.

– Csongor Daniel

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