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Connecting with Purpose- Into the Feeling 

Recently I shared in this space my thoughts and experiences with Clarity; the moments where our “noticing is sharpened” and “nudges of inner wisdom come forward.” I shared: 

Clarity is best experienced in living through a shift in awareness that heightens your presence; almost “super-charging” the connection to what IS NOW, and often feels like every moment lived before was directing us to exactly THAT crystallized-state of understanding. 

Now I invite you to move into Purpose; the reason behind something that is accomplished, created, or exists. The intention or objective designed for an object, an experience, or our very lives. We connect to concepts and ideas with deeper meaning, by feeling our way into them; experiencing through “trying them on” as we would a shirt or an outfit. For many of us, we attempt to understand and incorporate these ideals through those experiences we perceive others having; those events we witness others participating in, and our perception of their success in achieving. Through seeking to understand purpose by way of self-imposed comparisons to the life-experiences of others, we ensure further disconnection with it in our own lives. 

I invite you to consider the reality that purpose is not an “out there” concept that others seem to tap into effortlessly, instead it is the very real quality of our state “in here.” Purpose then becomes not a search for what we DO; it is who we ARE. How do we connect then with our being, (we are Human BE-ings after all); shifting our focus away from our obsession with doing? We connect into the feeling. 

Purpose feels like a shift of awareness; a state of steady-streamed consciousness that is uninterrupted, unencumbered, and free-flowing. It is found by going inward and connecting with the Soul that lives and holds space within; the true nature and reality that fills and chose the body you walk, talk, and breathe in. When reflected upon by its very definition of being “intentionally designed,” we can see that each of us EXIST IN PURPOSE.  

I have experienced this “feeling into” connection with purpose; the flow and “Now-presence” that comes when I have stepped into that space. I have also had the NOW of that interrupted and the flow blocked because something or someone entered and took-over occupancy. I realize, even as the words are being written, that it is my own ALLOWING of an event or the presence of another to consume and ellipse that space which is intended for my presence alone. Stepping in-and-out of the purpose within teaches us through the experience and absence of it, if we pay it the attention it is due. 

I’ve also come to understand and observe that most of us learn by a life lived in contrasts; my own life is no exception. When I allow myself to step into purpose- that connection with and embodiment of my Soul as it IS, (not my projection or expectation of it); I have held a piece of awareness back, as though I am searching or waiting for anything that may step between me and the focused-state that purpose provides. It is in these moments of questioning that I have realized their presence to be pieces of self-resistance that I accepted as feedback to my own life-conditioning; the stories and situations I have interpreted and believed to be statements of fact upon my “worthiness” and “intended design.” 

Purpose is not a “feeling-state-of-being”; our emotional energy creates responses to our environment and experiences. Its connection to feeling, is the stepping into and embodying our Soul as it IS. In other words, it is the “connected expression, containment, and possessed action-of-alignment with the Soul within each of us.” Just as we speak of “feeling the calling of my soul,” or “feeling moved within my soul,” it is this state-of-being connected at soul-level where we shift and experience purpose. It is in this connected space where we realize simply and profoundly that WE ARE PURPOSE. Stand in it. Breathe it in. Feel into the Purpose within. 

If you’d like to know more about connecting with your soul and its purpose, you can connect with me through The Wellness Universe, on my Facebook Page, and on my website. 


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