Find Clarity in Your Goals with A Vision Board

Find Clarity in Your Goals with A Vision Board by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #VisionBoard

Find Clarity in Your Goals with A Vision Board by Rachel Frederick #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #VisionBoard

Do you have one very specific goal you’re working toward?

Or maybe you’re looking to make this your all-around best year ever. Early in the year, you hear about tool after tool to help you set goals, but vision boards are often overlooked.

I’ll admit, for years I thought vision boards were for teenage girls wishing for a handsome stranger to sweep them off their feet and aspiring CEOs looking for private jets and a vacation home in the South of France – A collection of pretty pictures to look at. I’ve since seen the power of vision boards for an impressive number of people who have used them as a tool to accomplish goals fast and focused.

What is a vision board and why does it work?

A vision board is, at its core, a collection of pretty images. But each carefully-chosen word and picture represent a specific goal, dream, or desired emotion. The board acts as a way to strengthen your emotions around what you want. It activates the law of attraction and gives your mind the focus on what to work toward.

Your brain will work tirelessly to achieve the statements you give your subconscious mind. And when those statements are the affirmations and images of your goals, you are destined to achieve them! – Jack Canfield

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding a vision board to your manifesting practice, or goal setting routine, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Reflect on the past.

Before you start clipping images out of magazines, take some time for personal reflection.  What have you accomplished that brought a sense of pride?  What did you want to accomplish, but ended up falling short? What in your life makes you unhappy? Make a list and include each of the things that brought you big emotions this past year.

  • What stands in your way?

We each have barriers in our life, things that stand in our way and keep us from accomplishing our goals. What or who is making you unhappy? While identifying these barriers can be tough, it’s important to know what you must overcome. Are there people who require a lot of your time? Are there financial barriers? Do you hold on to limiting beliefs around money or success?

You may not be able to get rid of each and every barrier – if you have small children, they require time and love and snuggles. Don’t give that up. If you have aging parents, they may require extra hours of care and attention – don’t abandon them. Knowing your barriers is half the battle. Eliminating or finding a way to work around them is the other half.

  • Decide what you want for the future.

It’s time to start looking for images in magazines and online. You can take photos and print them off. You can cut out letters and piece together specific words.

You may decide to include a picture of yourself during a happy time, or any other objects that make you happy. Don’t forget about your affirmations, inspirational words, and any quotes you may enjoy. The board is the tool that gets your mind to focus on exactly what you want in life.

Find or create pictures that represent or symbolize the experiences, feelings, and possessions you want to attract into your life, and place them in your board. Have fun with the process and be creative.

While you can absolutely create a vision board online, there’s something very ceremonial and engaging about physically finding, cutting, gluing, pinning, and creating a board you can hold. There’s no need to rush. In fact, the more time you take, the better the board will be. Focus and commitment go a long way in this project.

Once you have your vision board, set it where you can see it, so your mind stays fresh to what it’s creating and attracting for you.

Do you have stories about a successful vision board? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

– Rachel

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