Find Inspiration, Direction, and Purpose In Clarity

Find Inspiration, Direction, and Purpose In Clarity by Raelin Saindon #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Clarity #Purpose
Clarity. It’s a big word.

Oftentimes, the definition gets muddied and so many thoughts and emotions become involved in the mix. Then pretty soon, we are highly aware of what it’s NOT, and what it IS remains elusive.

Ironic, right?

We all have experienced moments of great clarity. Like the realization that the job we once longed for and strived to obtain, no longer motivates us as it once had. Or the awareness that meaningful relationships are really what adds value to our lives, as seen through the lens of loss and grief when loved ones or friends move on in death, relocation, or the simple ebb and flow of life.

Each of us has had moments great and small, of a sharpening of our “noticing.” The nudges of inner wisdom coming forward, the stillness of our “busy-ness” that communicates loudly to us where to head next, what to let go of, and loving what remains.

Clarity is best experienced in living through a shift in awareness that heightens your presence; almost “super-charging” the connection to what IS NOW. It often feels like every moment lived before was directing us to exactly that crystallized state of understanding.

Clarity; “seeing clearly” without the obstruction of view is really another way of speaking of FLOW.

The split-second before slipping into it, re-receive an “otherworldly” knowing or a flood of information that cuts so cleanly and precisely through our striving and confusion, or even the boredom that comes with living automatically.

It is the sudden clap! of Life to get our attention, the snapping of fingers to jar us awake and out of our daydreaming, into the instant understanding of concepts, situations, and ourselves from angles we never perceived previously.

Clarity is all around us watching, sliding into our lives imperceptibly, and standing in front of us waiting to be seen.

It’s in the still small voice that intuition speaks from. It’s in the moments we want to label as “coincidence” or “synchronicity.” It’s in the shocking moments that yank Life out from under us, usually because we’ve ignored the previous two.

For me, well clarity gives Life richness, texture, and depth. It shares at all times those things most important to us, and never anything less.

In clarity, we find inspiration, direction, and purpose. 

And that- is another topic for another day… Stay tuned!

– Raelin

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