Find Your Inspiration

Find Your Inspiration by Kim Bayne #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #FindYourInspiration

It is easy to find inspiration in all sorts of places when a person is in a good mood and feeling amazing.

The challenge is finding it when we are in the middle of a shit storm, feeling ill or sad, struggling financially, or after a trauma or loss. It can become very easy to get stuck when feeling down. You can even remain there for some time and then the struggle can become even more difficult because now you are stuck feeling just plain shitty. Sometimes, being stuck in this place can actually seem like a better place to be because it may feel more comfortable than to use your energy to look for something good or inspirational. Let’s face it, that can take work and focus and who has time for that when we are feeling all down in the “mully grubbs.”

Once we get stuck in that place of sadness and overwhelm it can be very difficult to pull ourselves out.

I’ve found throughout my many challenges in life (and believe me there have been many) that sometimes I need to get stuck in that place for a little time; stuck in the muck of sadness, desperation, and in my emotions. Many times we need to be there for a time, these times can bring on understanding and can bring awareness as to why and how things are the way they are ( but we have to get to a place of wanting to see it ) It is not a bad place to be as long as you don’t continue to ‘LIVE’ there.

You can’t appreciate the light without the darkness. Light and dark must exist together, they complement each other and they each serve a purpose.

If you are feeling stuck and you are struggling with trying to find your way out and are in need of places to look for inspiration, here is a list of places and things that you can do to find that inspiration without it taking a whole lot of work that you may not be ready for. That is until you find your INSPIRATION!

Some suggestions below to help you find your inspiration:
  • Disconnect

Turn off the phone, the TV, and the internet. Remove any distractions or negativity that may be keeping you stuck.

  • Take a walk

Pay attention to the things around you.

  • Take pictures

You don’t have to have a good eye or an expensive camera, whatever catches your eye, take a picture of it, and then, later on, review all your photos. You may be surprised at what you’ll find.

  • Draw

Express yourself. You don’t have to be an ‘artist’ to express yourself creatively. You can buy a coloring book or just doodle on a piece of paper.

  • Read

Go to your local bookstore and grab yourself a new book. To me, there is just something about a book that you can hold in your hands and turn each page and get lost in the story.

  • Visit/Call

Go visit or call someone you’ve not spoken to in a long time, you might be surprised at what kind of conversation and inspiration will happen.

  • Exercise

Go get your blood pumping. You will be very surprised at what simple exercising can do for your mind.

  • Turn up the music

Turn on your favorite music, whatever music it is that makes your heart smile and your body want to dance.

  • Pay it forward

There is no better place to find inspiration than giving to someone who is not expecting it.

  • Reflect

Take a few moments and reflect on all your qualities.

  • Do something fun

Take a trip to the park, slide down the slide and swing on the swings…be a kid again.

  • Meditate

I know this one seems like work, but it doesn’t have to be. You’d be surprised at what a quick 2-5 minute meditation can do for you.

  • Be Present

Just stop thinking for a moment about everything from yesterday, last year, or 5 years ago and be right now in this moment. Take a deep breath and just BE.

  • Journal

Write your thoughts down on paper. You can do this in the morning when you get up or in the evening before you retire for the night… or even both if you have time to do so. Then at a later time you can go back and read your thoughts and you may find all kinds of inspiration you didn’t even know you had.

Sometimes, it is in the simplest of things that can bring our heart joy. Sometimes it might only take one simple thing to help someone get unstuck and then sometimes it will take a slew of different things together to pull them out.

Don’t push yourself, cut yourself some slack.

When you do the best you can with what you have it will always be enough!


Kim Bayne