The Five Love Languages: 10 Ways to Express Love

The Five Love Languages: 10 Ways to Express Love by Rosanne Orlando #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Love #FiveLoveLanguages

The Five Love Languages: 10 Ways to Express Love by Rosanne Orlando #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Love #FiveLoveLanguages

Have you ever read the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?

He posits that there are five “love languages,” or the ways in which we each, individually, experience love. Although there are five languages, there’s a range for each language and we all fall somewhere on the spectrum of each. We may be prominent in one or two of the five love languages.

There’s a quiz you can take online to see where you fall. It’s pretty cool. It’s also something nice to do with your partner (or any significant relationship in your life) because it gives them more information on how to love you best. Isn’t that beautiful? We teach each other how to treat us. It makes the relationship stronger.

Lastly, remember that the lesson is that everyone experiences love a little differently and your partner is likely a different combination than you are. It will surely support your relationship if you were to understand the best way to love one another. The ideal way to cherish your partner may look different than how you’d express being loved.

Shared below are some ideas of various ways you can show your loved one(s) that they’re important to you. I’ve created two ideas for each of the five love languages. Enjoy and let us know how it makes you feel to let others know how much they mean to you! This exercise is not only for their benefit but yours as well!

Here Are 10 Ways to Express Love Using the Five Love Languages:

  • Receiving Gifts:

  1. Someone who feels loved by receiving gifts surely would appreciate a thoughtful gesture or present that shows you were listening. Has he or she mentioned something lately?
  2. A random surprise could be a great gesture for this person. Roses for no apparent reason, perhaps?
  • Quality Time:

  1. One who ranks high on the quality time love language does best with attention and closeness. These are usually the people who connect well with others easily. For this person, offer to put the cell phones away and do something together. Maybe a game with the family or a cuddle and tv session works well for you. Just concentrate on each other.
  2. Planning consistent dates would also be appreciated by someone who is loved by attention to quality time.
  • Words of Affirmation:

  1. If your partner is someone who loves in words of affirmation, I bet they would appreciate a nice card, a random kiss, or hug.
  2. Even an expression of gratitude or a simple random “I love you” would make this person smile.
  • Acts of Service (Devotion):

  1. Those who love in acts of service really appreciate someone who helps do the dishes (or other household chores).
  2. Running to the grocery store for him or her or wiping the snow off his or her car are great ideas for this person.
  • Physical Touch:

  1. These individuals crave closeness. Cuddling, massages, lying in bed facing each other and chatting are all ways to be physical (and emotional) with one another.
  2. Hugs work great too.

Do you have any tips for expressing love using the Five Love Languages? If so, please share them with us in the comments section below.

Happy loving one another!

– Rosanne

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