Flex Your Mental Muscle

Flex Your Mental Muscle  by Dr. Joanne Royer #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #MentalMuscle

 flex·i·bil·i·ty, noun. – The quality of bending easily without breaking.

We work on our physical flexibility to help keep us agile and moving, what are we doing to keep our minds and thoughts flexible?

Those of you who practice Yoga know of it to be an art that is carefully worked on and refined over time. Your body once tight and rigid becomes looser and more fluid.

We need the same practice in thought work as a way to strengthen our mind. And just as when you first started to doing Yoga, you may have felt an un-ease, a dis-ease, a feeling of angst as you stretched your limbs further and further, taking your body to where it is today – stronger, in less pain and able to reach and bend further and higher than before.

With mental flexibility, we can take advantage of more possibilities than those who aren’t willing to exercise their mental muscle.

Flexibility allows us to welcome situations that we otherwise hadn’t anticipated. When we are rigid or stuck in our ways, instead of adjusting to the world around us we hunker down, clinging to a concept of reality rather than reality itself. When we do this, we cut ourselves off from life, and we miss out on valuable opportunities, as well as a lot of joy.

Every day you have the opportunity to exercise your flexibility. You can choose just for today, to flex your mind muscle by giving a time-out to a belief you have held onto which isn’t serving you but are fearful of letting go. Just for today, you can choose to stretch your mind by allowing yourself to think of a problem you are facing and seeing it with several possible outcomes. Just for today, you can stretch and loosen your mind by choosing to think differently about yourself, in a more loving, kind and compassionate way.

In what way are you willing to flex your mental muscle today?

– Dr. Joanne Royer


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