How to Forgive and Be Okay

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The story, trauma, or incident that we cannot or will not forgive separates us from true inner peace. Lack of forgiveness prevents us from being okay. Ultimately, the power to forgive or to hold on is yours alone. It may be all yours because “the other,” may have moved on long ago.

This is a moment in which we can share healing, clarity, peace, empowerment, self-mastery, unity!

In truth, you have been and always will be more than okay; more than enough. May my words be a loving nudge, urging you toward the next great victory on your path.

Life is not random and every singular and combined moment has brought us to this ONE. In the light of empowerment, understand that it’s tough to be the Victor as we stand as the Victim.

I assure you, you are going to feel more than okay when you release the emotional backpack you’ve been toting around. You may understand that the ability to “forgive and forget,” has been hidden in plain view. Yet, we shouldn\’t look at yesterday with the energy of, “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve.”  We can see each new opportunity for growth and step forward.

Why is there so much that we hold onto? Why so many hurts, wounds, etc.? Perhaps it’s by design. “Designed for what?” you might say. Opportunities for us to reach, stretch, grow, unfold!

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

– Rumi

We can point our finger at someone else, claiming they are narcissistic; yet we are all fairly myopic. Our eyes place us at the center with everyone around us. I encourage you to consider reading, Four Ways to Find and Connect with Forgiveness, on my Healing Resonance, LLC blog.

The world doesn’t revolve around each of us!

Perhaps, on occasion, you’ve thought of someone you love and almost immediately received a call or text from them. We are connected, and yet life’s experiences can tend to isolate rather than bind us. Perhaps without even realizing it, we create and retreat to our own “islands” in our, “stormy seas of emotion.”

Our isolation and sense that no one would rescue us make forgiveness increasingly elusive. We were born with an incredible capacity for forgiveness and we can recapture that perspective.

As babies and toddlers, forgiveness was automatic; not even a consideration. We kept no tally of acts against us, because we were aware of life’s interconnections rather than our individuality. We felt the love and support that always has and still surrounds us; as you melt with forgiveness you will feel this LOVE engulf you.

We fell, we got up. We failed, we conquered. Then we got pushed out of “the nest”; out into the world. We felt stranded, eventually forgetting we left ourselves isolated. Now, we see the “forest for the trees,” and we climb!

Seeing beyond what meets the eye; the MRI and the “why can’t I?”

Imagine how your life could or would change in a moment if you saw and connected with yourself in another lifetime. You see the challenges faced “there,” are strengths you hold “here,” and vice-versa.

You glimpse a new perspective of yourself, your struggles, your relationships. You see your spirit akin to the toddler falling, getting up, failing, conquering; all in an unending quest of gaining life-experiences.

About eight years ago, while attending a Native American flute ceremony, I had such a moment. I had a waking vision, connecting with myself in another lifetime. I didn’t understand everything I saw in those moments; life lessons and layers continue to unfold for me.

What I did notice was the male I was in that lifetime and my current life circumstances were 180 degrees opposed; particularly with respect to my healing and spiritual abilities. His abilities in that lifetime were both embraced and revered by his family and tribe; mine had been shunned, forbidden by my dad and even ridiculed.

What a beautiful illustration of the higher-self saying, “Easy to be yourself when others see you. Let’s turn this one around. Will I find my way back to myself in THIS scenario?”

Learn to identify and release dis-ease and internal disconnect manifesting as mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical pain and disease.

Teachers or Captors?

Across ALL time and space, you’ve played multiple roles and a great deal of karma has played out. How can you be sure where you stand on this, “thing” you won’t forgive?

What if you are, in fact, the originator, (the OG), of this act, word, or attitude that calls for your forgiveness? In withholding forgiveness, perhaps even in judging “the other,” as wrong, you’ve held yourself hostage.

Rejection, hurts, or anything that leads us to retreat and hide, ultimately shuts down our brilliance and agrees to live a smaller version of ourselves. It is self-sabotage!

Awareness = The Power of Choice = The Power to Change.

– Healing Resonance with Kristi Borst

Ultimately, no one can steal your joy, wellness and peace. It is you who is looking away from these things. You get to choose where you live not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

You have been making these decisions even as you have felt powerless. Unconscious decisions are still decisions. Jump off that “island.” Set yourself free!

Your body will thank you. Heavy emotions, (like scorn, anger, bitterness, sadness, grief, hostility), entangled with lack of forgiveness can take our bodies’ self-healing mechanisms offline. I see it as a type of static dis-ease that creates a rich soil for disease.

 Everything will be okay in the end. If it\’s not okay, it\’s not the end.

– John Lennon

These individuals or situations that have held you from peace, now become your portal; a wonderful gateway through which you experience grace, compassion, unconditional love and blamelessness.  This peace YOU create goes not only to “the other,” but also to and through you; as you and for you.

Each one you forgive and each time you forgive, you move forward; climbing higher. Then you remember this is where you have been heading all along. You’re not only okay, but you are also radiant and here to SHINE!

In love and light,

– Kristi

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