Four keys to the Intuitive Process

Four keys to the Intuitive Process

Max saw Wendy and her date from afar. He knew her only slightly, but in his first millisecond of thought, he got the message: “she does not belong with him.”  He forgot all about this incident until a few years after his wife, whom he adored, died and he saw Wendy again. Slowly, they started dating. Surprisingly, Max had found someone he felt so comfortable with, someone who he did not think would be his ideal mate, but someone whom he oddly and deeply connected with. He termed this a weird incident. I suggested he change the word to ‘remarkable’ because that is what is was. A millisecond moment that changes your life when you least expect it and many times do not recognize the spark for what it is. Remarkable.

Max did not know this, but he had used all the 4 principles of the Intuitive Process when he first saw his future mate years before. Wendy and he belonged together.

Once you know how to recognize your intuition, you can live a remarkable, flowing more self-directed life. You will have the capacity to know yourself better, synchronicities will align, decision-making can be lightening fast and your trust level for an optimized life will bloom. Max was just beginning to understand this when we spoke.

Here are the four keys to the Intuitive Process

  1. Knowing You Have Intuition

Intuition is an innate human ability – we all have it, some stronger than others.  It is associated with the creative right and more feminine brain, rather than the linear left brain, which is more masculine and fact controlling.  Some people may need cultural permission to tune in and access intuition.  Intuition comes to you in many ways including: voice, smell, vibrations, taste, feelings, pictures, knowingness, or dreams. People refer to intuition as aha moments, hunches, gut feelings, direct knowing, perceptions, insights, light bulb moment, women’s intuition.

  1. Pay Attention and Listen Intently

To hear your intuitive self, your mind, body and spirit must be open, clear and receptive. When you are ready start with mindful deep breathing, which triggers your body’s relaxation response. From there, the actions to be quiet are countless.  Do you like to garden, meditate, practice yoga, walk, paint, dance, sing, sew, or write?  Find your way to listen inward, pay attention to your open heart and practice, practice, practice! When you ask a question of your intuitive self remember your first nano-second thought and write it down.

  1. Check It Out

This is the moment to reflect on the intuitive information you have received and TRUST the process. When you start an intuitive practice, consciously, ask your ego chatter mind to kindly take a break.  Your very active analytical linear brain wants to put the brakes on your creative intuitive ideas. If you find yourself in the fear arena (distrust, constriction, anger, worry +) you are automatically and effectively blocking your intuitive processing, which lives in open love arena (acceptance, respect, joy, hope +).  Your ego personality may WANT something while your intuitive soul may indicate you NEED something very different.  If you find you are wanting something out of desperation, or wishful thinking, your intuitive voice is not be what you are hearing, instead, it is your ego talking.

  1. Follow Through with Gratitude…

A heartfelt moment of gratitude is a very important key to continue to open and use your intuition.  You are giving the green light to do more, to go forward, to be open to change.  The Universe loves a big, grateful thank you!  They really, really do and when you are grateful, you will be rewarded with more moments of clarity.

Perhaps like Max, you have experienced something ‘remarkable’ and do not understand it. Give it time (Max’s moment took 7 years to materialize), give yourself the space to be comfortable with the intuitive process, and trust that your experiences in life are designed for you to open and grow with loving energy from Source.