Full Cold Moon: December 22, 2018

Full Cold Moon: December 22, 2018 by Julie Robinson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ColdMoon

Full Cold Moon: December 22, 2018 by Julie Robinson #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #ColdMoon

The Full Moon in Cancer, or the Cold Moon, is named after its closeness to the Winter Solstice.

It’s the day with the least amount of daylight, which this year is on December 22 at 10:48 am Mountain Time. With the last Full Moon of the year happening in the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, we are influenced to make other people feel that they belong and are cared for based on our own need to feel safe and secure. The Moon feels caring in the sign of Cancer, thus nurturing us to be sensitive to other people’s emotional situations and providing others with the support that puts them at ease.

There is also a tendency, however, to sulk if others do not appreciate our subjective idea of what an emotional relationship should be. The nature of the Crab sign placed in the Full Moon gives rise to us being unaware of how we swamp others with needing attention rather than allowing others the space that they need.

Another inclination is to (s)mother or support others emotionally, but closer examination reveals that it is we who actually require the attention. Through this caring yet clinging Cancer Moon placement, we are guided to examine that personal patterns cause unpleasant experiences for us so the lesson is to break free of them.

In order to break free of these patterns, the Solstice Moon and the tides will draw us in unconsciously for us to examine the area of our life where we struggle feeling unappreciated. Examples of this might be that we may go out of our way to make others feel welcome. This is because that is how we wish to be treated. Feelings of being socially awkward to ensure as we seek comfort, and then we falsely believe that when we treat others as making them feel they belong. It appears to us that we are making the situation better, but in fact, it could be the exact opposite.

This seemingly welcoming manner seems to put others at ease, but it can potentially be a dangerous way for us to cope with our own needs. If we have expectations that are not met, then the Moon tides reveal to us how this method of coping is shortlived. We think that when we give to others then they will eventually come around and give us what we want. Unfortunately, when they do not, we are forced to finally face the repercussions of our failed strategies.

By not nurturing our own needs, these repercussions can manifest themselves into sickness, fatigue, or even deepfelt resentment. The body always reflects the mind in these ways and therefore to create balance and to promote health during this period of the darkest Winter Solstice, we can do something. Being aware that we are projecting our neediness onto others, let us look at some ways to nurture ourselves instead.

  1. Eat Nourishing Foods.

That’s right I said, nourishing. That means foods that restore and increase our immune system, like adaptogens. Adaptogens are foods that produce in the power of resistance against stress. Foods like Gogi berries, Ginseng, Rhodiola, Schizandra Berries and Reishi mushrooms stimulate activate and promote response to harmful influences.

  1. Essential Oils.

Activate your self-care routine by adding in essential oils to your bath or room diffuser. Add 10 minutes of yin yoga to your workout routine and meditation with chakra balancing can give yourself the added “boost” you’ll need to recover and rejuvenate.

  1. Release Your Anxiety to the Archangel Michael.

You can literally ask the Archangels to “remove” via vacuum or suction, that pent-up energy such as fear, anger or hatred. Ask to replenish your energy with diamond sparkle gel, then shield with a purple protective light.

  1. Reiki.

Reiki sessions are also an effective way to activate the chakras in your body and heal again.

Once we become aware of the effects of the Cold Moon in Cancer, we can take full advantage of the Full Moon tides and can focus on nurturing and bettering ourselves.

Like the return of the sunlight after the darkest day, so too, will we grow more fulfilled and awake to ask for what we need to feel safe and secure once again.

– Julie

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