The Importance of Getting Off Prescription Medication

The Importance of Getting Off Prescription Medication by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Medication #Prescription

The Importance of Getting Off Prescription Medication by Dr. Swan A. Montague #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #Medication #Prescription

Prescription medications (in most cases) are Band-Aids, usually masking or temporarily relieving symptoms that never address the causal issues that actually underlie dis-ease.

In order to free oneself from medications, causal issues must be addressed in tandem with alternative protocols that help manage symptoms and withdrawal as well as the navigation of the healing process in the interim, until core issues or problems are transformed.

I have helped many people transition through this process and, in my experience, the appropriate protocol for each person is unique, needing to be carefully balanced with the patient’s physical and psychological needs. As nothing exists in the physical that is not first a thought, feeling, or belief in the mental, spiritual, emotional, and energy bodies, systems, and fields. It is at these levels that true healing must be accomplished. The physical is the last bastion of where our consciousness (including subconscious and unconscious) manifests. Physical dis-ease is the road sign warning us of impending roadblocks, road works, accidents ahead, and dead ends. Not listening to these signs is the road of prescription medication that ultimately leads to suppression of a process that is intricately and divinely designed to help you heal, transform, and evolve.

There are many alternative medicines, modalities, even technologies, that are achieving incredibly successful results and changing lives.

However, the field of alternative medicine and healing can be a nightmare to navigate, often leaving the patient confused, overwhelmed, still not properly healed and with radically depleted bank accounts. So what can be the underlying causes of disease, how can you find them and how do you decide what to do when physical and psychological conditions can have dire, even life-threatening consequences?

Underlying causes of disease can be on multiple levels, from soul to cellular, frequently pre-dating even this life. The memory of trauma or pain, if left unhealed, lives on in the soul and manifests in the cells through lifetime after lifetime until totally healed and transformed. Disease can also be passed on genetically through the DNA and can be picked up virally or energetically. It can also manifest from patients’ own or others’ fear and different negative emotions. Often, I find chemical poisoning, vaccination, and pollution causes, or unhealed past lives and karma. There is always a pre-disposition to the problem because of any, or a combination of, these issues.

The key is to discover which of these and what exactly is running the disease pattern which tells us what treatment and which protocols are going to facilitate the patients’ recovery.

Dowsing (with a pendulum) or kinesiology can be very effective ways to discern causes and treatments, depending on the level of expertise, consciousness, and clarity of the practitioner. I find dowsing to be most effective, in combination with direct communion with Spirit at the highest level, which invariably is the fastest and most direct route to healing, often with surprising solutions. Dowsing is exciting because it can be very exact and can be taught to the patient, thus empowering the patient to be deeply in touch with their own process and developing their own natural inner guidance and intuition. This ability can be as fast as, or faster than a computer. I often find I know instantly (through intuition or guidance) what the causes of disease are and how to proceed with healing.

There are biofeedback computer systems that read the patients’ energy, can send healing frequencies, and provide appropriate diagnostics as well as prognosis of appropriate treatment but, ultimately, every person’s destiny is to become their own master and achieve direct connection and communication for themselves.

Once all of the above has been considered, the state of the physical body, organs, systems, and functions also require thorough investigation and healing.

For example, absorption of nutrition, natural or pharmaceutical medicines, even water can be seriously impaired. These levels radically affect appropriate dosages. It might temporarily take increased dosages in order for the person’s body to receive the benefit it needs to heal. Furthermore, a detoxification process is likely to be triggered which can be extremely intense, during which treatment may need to be altered, and which certainly needs to be balanced. Often it is appropriate to reduce medication gradually with alternative healing and treatment commensurately measured, frequently tested and re-balanced.

Generally, I recommend the use of a stem cell activating patch that elevates the master peptide, increases stem cell production and rewrites over 400 genes, lowers pain and inflammation, improves the immune system and much, much more. I also recommend a little yellow pill that is a mega energy boosting, all-natural activator (not a supplement) that is proven to combat oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days, accelerating the manufacture of good enzymes in our bodies. It is cutting-edge nutrition that affects your genes, rocket fuel for the body. (Contact me for details of these.)

There are layers to be considered and worked through. Remember that you are doing this not only for many past lifetimes but also future lives because negative patterns and imprinting continue through space and time, long after an earthly life has ended, with the soul on its ongoing journey, not to mention what you might be passing on to future generations. You might also have taken on family karma in the form of disease, through which can be happening across multiple generations.

Prescription medication invariably comes with a range of side effects, frequently becoming less effective with time as the underlying issues continue to exist and require deeper attention.

People tend to resist spending money, time and energy on alternative treatment, although conventional medicine can be excessively costly and ineffective, considering alternative treatment costs less important than preferred recreational expenditures, however when you weigh up the cost of ignoring the causes of disease and the negative effect on soul and cells you realize that addressing the causes of disease is the most valuable and important thing you can do. The evolution that comes from being free of medication is ultimately a massive evolution in spiritual awareness, your natural abilities of self-mastery, and potentially life-changing in terms of overall wellbeing and more positive and fulfilling reality.

– Dr. Swan A. Montague

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