Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way by Michelle Vina-Baltsas #WUVIP #Diet #Weightloss #Healthy

Go Your Own Way

My son and I were having lunch at a local cafe today and we both ordered the grilled cheese on multi-grain bread. The meal was delicious but what caught my eye as I was paying for our meal was the name of the sandwich. It’s called the Go Your Own Way. I thought to myself, this about sums up my relationship with diet and nutrition.

I will tell you that in my circle of wellness coaches, having a grilled cheese sandwich is a no-no. Dairy, gluten…oh my!

On many levels, I’m considered to be a “nutrition rogue” of sorts. Rather than preach to my clients what they should/shouldn’t be eating, I ask them what foods make them feel satisfied and physically content.

Instead of asking my clients what their BMI (Body Mass Index) is, I ask them how they feel in their own skin. Do they love and accept their bodies or do they loathe their bodies? Are they afraid of food and depriving or restricting which is leading to binges and/or emotional overeating?

My focus, as an Intuitive Eating Specialist, is to help you improve your relationship with food, weight and body. Part of learning how to reawaken your intuitive eater is discussing gentle nutrition, but it’s not the focus of what I do. From my own personal experience, and from working with many women over the last few years, the weight takes care of itself once you are in a place of acceptance and self-love. When you are in that space, you naturally gravitate toward foods that are more nutritionally dense because they help you feel good physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Believe it or not, you are your own best food consultant. We’ve learned to rely so much on outside influences that we’ve lost the ability to access our own internal wisdom. It’s time to start trusting yourself again.

While my approach is certainly not mainstream, it’s the only way I can be true to me. So, going my own way is what feels right to me regardless of how much push back I get in my field. At the end of the day, I want my clients to be satisfied and experience freedom from food.

Do you go your own way when it comes to nutrition or do you follow the latest trends about which super food to eat and which diet to follow?

If you are more of a “nutritional rogue” like me, and feel restricted and confused by all the nutrition advice that is whirling around, perhaps my approach is more your style.