Gong Sound Bath: Reset Your Body with Living Sound

Gong Sound Bath: Reset Your Body with Living Sound by Maya Boston #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #SoundHealing #Gong #SoundBath

“Sound healing” has been around for thousands of years.

Sound or resonance chambers have been discovered in Egypt’s ancient pyramids, indicating that this practice has been around for a long time.  It’s nothing new, there’s nothing supernatural or mysterious about it. It doesn’t wave a magic wand over you and make all your troubles and ailments disappear miraculously. But there is science to it! It’s physics!

At the cellular level of all life, right down in the core of each and every cell, exists vibration or frequency. The science of Sonocytology uses an atomic force microscope to research and “listen” to sounds emitted by living cells, and it has shown that each cell has its own “song” and that the surrounding cells can hear it. When cells are functioning properly, they “play” their “songs” with ease. When there is toxicity or an imbalance in the body, these cells no longer vibrate at their natural, healthy frequency.

When you immerse yourself into a Gong Sound Bath, your cells are listening and attuning to a healthier, balanced resonance.

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A gong sound bath is a modality which is non-invasive, and it has been noted to relax the body, stabilising the heart rate and blood pressure and even assists with pain management. On subtle body levels, it helps to release blockages, emotional stagnation or long-term feelings of being “stuck” as it raises your vibration. Yes, those cells in your body that are not vibrating at their natural, healthy frequency, have their frequencies raised until they are at their healthy, optimal levels. It’s why so many feel relaxed, soothed and even rejuvenated after a gong sound bath.

Furthermore, water is a perfect conductor of sound/vibration. Research has shown when positive words such as love, peace or forgiveness are spoken, the water forms beautiful symmetric crystals. When negative words are spoken, such as hate, death, chaos, the crystals form distorted or broken formations. Frequency effects matter, water is matter and the human body is made up of 70% water!

Think what impact this has on the human body. Thoughts and words are also sound frequencies, what do you tell yourself every day? What can you catch yourself thinking or saying about yourself? What you think and say each day becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Immersing yourself in a gong sound bath begins to disrupt the frequencies of negative thoughts and words.

When frequencies respond to one another, either by being transmitted or receiving, the harmonics begin to match up. This is called sympathetic resonance. Like attracts like, and like a magnet, good vibrations attract other good vibrations, while repelling negative ones. The Law of Attraction is sympathetic resonance in action!

In addition to the gongs, when Light Language is spoken during the gong sound bath, it adds another layer bringing in even higher frequencies. These sounds together with the Light Codes that Maya channels, help to restructure energy patterns so that we remember our Quantum nature. They release, balance and illuminate your being. Soulful and exquisitely beautiful, the harmonic sounds of the gongs and Light Language weave a gentle, yet powerful energy around and through you, that may touch the deepest part of your being.

The sounds that the gongs produce take you on a journey with the variations and amazingly beautiful range of harmonics.

When the gongs sound softly, the outside world enters the room. As the gongs sound louder the outside world disappears and you begin your journey into a deep meditative state. For the time the gongs are sounding there is a flow, where you become one with all of creation and all of creation becomes one with you.

I have been a Gong Practitioner for over 13 years. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing an exquisite sound meditation, then give yourself a treat! Immerse yourself into another world for a time and let me take you on a journey into sacred space. Come experience Reset Your Body with Living Sound firsthand, in person with me at SoulTreat!

– Maya

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