Grounding and Releasing

Grounding and Releasing by Monica Kamran #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GroundingAndReleasing.jpg
Grounding and Releasing by Monica Kamran #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #GroundingAndReleasing.jpg
Grounding and Releasing – Feel Centered and Release Negative Energy Instantly!

Do you feel drained of all energy after meeting someone or visiting a certain place? Are there times when you have had an unpleasant “out of body” experience? We all have been in situations where we feel depleted of our energy due to physical, emotional or mental strain. It is then that anger, worry and fear take over our mind and body detaching us from ‘being present’ and causing imbalance and for many, a shift away from the body. Sometimes this is just by being in the company of someone who is distressed. Many empaths, healers, and lightworkers feel this even more, and if not released, the negative energy manifests into physical ailments.

The solution to preserving your energy from being depleted is Grounding and Releasing.

A simple technique that has worked for me is that I close my eyes and touch my heart, gently tapping it, if needed. This physical touch brings one back to the present and gives a sense of soothing comfort and assurance of our existence and presence. Taking a couple of deep breaths, visualize a golden light beaming down from a little above your head, slowly embracing your body and taking away all the stress and worries as it goes down your feet and leaves the body. This can also be a two-step process.

First, visualize the golden light or beam going down your crown chakra or the tip of your head to every part of the body, covering it to the cellular level. You will feel lightened and enlightened. Now, visualize that the golden light is going down the body slowly as it takes away all the grief, tension, stress and disease down towards your feet and into Mother Earth. You will instantly feel lighter and refreshed and almost drawn towards the ground. This simple technique helps to be more centered and present in the moment and a step towards “Responding” instead of “Reacting” to a situation.

Repeat this technique at least once a day and especially after an exhausting day or a healing session that seemed to drain your energy as well. With time, you will realize that this process takes less and less time. If there is a particular ailment or emotion that is causing distressing thoughts, then visualize the thought or emotion go down your feet with the golden light.

Many healers do ground themselves often but still absorb excess energy.

This “Grounding and Releasing” exercise helps you be connected with the source and ourselves and raises awareness about yourself and your energy.

Practice it daily, and you will become more mindful of your body and inner self.

The power of visualization is immense!

– Monica

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