Growing Past the Edge

Growing Past the Edge by Helena Kalivoda #WUVIP #BlogOfTheDay #Edge
Growing Past the Edge is a metaphor for being in your natural element of expanding beyond the perceived edge of your current existence.

That is what your life is about – extending your boundaries, growing at the edges, becoming your true you through self-realization, becoming uninhibitedly excited about your existence.

It Is a Process

Your thoughts and beliefs shape the life you live. Look around – where you are is a testimonial of your perceptions and thoughtsGrowing past the edge is a process of expansion during which you master yourself through Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, and Applied Action.


If your life feels at a standstill, examine what keeps you from growing and changing. Take a look at your perceptions, beliefs, and feelings. Do they serve you or do they undermine who you are at your core? Know
you are meant to be the director of your thoughts and feelings, so be it.

What are the areas of your life you want to transform? What do you see as your disappointments and successes, and why? List what you want to change or get rid of – your habits and behaviours, people, places, all that is a hindrance to you.

Know what your likes and passions are. Write down what you would like to live or become. Allow and invite all the possibilities. If you do, everything opens up and is available to you.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance

You came to understand your feelings and thoughts. You became aware of them as you allowed yourself to observe and examine them. The next step is to acknowledge and accept all that is a part of your life – acceptance allows you to let go of that which does not serve you. It allows you to move on.

Applied Action

Now you are in a position to draw up and apply inspired actions toward your goals. You are ready to take that first fruit-bearing step toward transforming your life. As you do, there comes the moment when the quantity of your actions brings on a different quality of life. You pass beyond your so-called edge. Newly opened horizons beckon to you, and that is where you start living. It is a time when new ideas flow; when you meet new people, new situations, when all starts to synchronize and move in a new direction.

Trust the Process

When you start questioning, doubting, and thinking: ‘it will not work’, ‘it is too difficult’, then the horizon shrinks and brings you down; it brings you down to the level of those who never venture beyond their perceived edges and boundaries.

Though initially you may have wondered: “can I? may I? will I?” Once you became aware of your present state, acknowledged and accepted what is, you were ready to design a new life for yourself. You then felt: “I can, I am, I see, I do.”

You Are Not Alone

You fear Growing Past the Edge as you may feel comfortable where you are. Or you may feel unsupported, or fear anything that is new or unknown to you, including success.

Do not fear; you are not ever alone. All There Is, your Source, is always with you. It is with you all the time. It does not matter where you are, as the Source of All is within you. Your Spiritual Family is always with you; it has always been part of you and your life. They are assisting you and are not displeased when you do not hear them or pay attention to them. They do not judge you when you refute them and are very much in awe of your Earthly life, of the commitments you took upon yourself, the remembering’s and “a-ha’s” that come to you. They are your support team that assists you in accomplishing your Earthly journey.

Grow Beyond Your Edge

To grow beyond the edge is a beautiful invitation. If you believe there is no finite edge, you can achieve growing beyond your edge. But remember, the edges grow and contract, depending on your perceptions and thoughts. They materialize or dissolve, relative to whether or not you allow yourself to believe the limits are real.

It does not matter how “the edge” appears to others. If you believe there is no edge, then all is possible. For you, the edge dissipates, and you do not have to step or climb over any boundaries. When you take that direct step forward, you say, ‘I am here because I knew I could step forward. I am here because this time I took a step toward my new existence.

I am here; I am unstoppable. I am a master of unlimited living with no edges or boundaries.


– Helena

Source to original article, with many thanks to Helena Kalivoda