Guided Creativity and Inspiration Visualization

Guided Creativity and Inspiration Visualization by Stephanie Benedetto Padovani #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #CreativityAndInspiration #Visualization

“What would you like to create now?”

This is one of my favorite questions and one of my favorite games to play.

I believe you can tap into the vast, expansive, infinite potential of the Universe whenever you desire; simply because you’re always connected to it.

Even when it doesn’t feel that way, you’re surrounded by the whirling storm of thinking we call reality.

I invite you to connect with your Highest Self, whatever this is for you. God, Source, Spirit, the Great Spaghetti Monster, or your Unconscious Mind, to get inspired, intuitive guidance for whatever you’d like to create today.

Follow these steps to boost your creativity and inspiration:

  1. Create an intention

In which area of your life would you like to receive creative inspiration?

Write it down.

No need to go crazy writing pages; unless that’s fun for you. A sentence or two will do.

Keep a paper and pen beside you to jot down anything that comes to mind during this visualization.

  1. Find a quiet space where you can relax and be still for 10-30 minutes

Grab some comfy pillows and your favorite snuggle-on-the-couch blanket.

Take a position where you can be relaxed but still alert enough to guide yourself through this visualization.

  1. Let go of your intention completely

Let. It. All. Go.

That’s right. Trust that your highest wisdom already knows the exact experience you need to fulfill your request and let go of everything else.

  1. Read through this guided visualization below and let your imagination take you away. Relax, get comfortable and close your eyes

Now, this can be a little tricky if you’re trying to read this at the same time (ahem) so you might want to read the “Guided Visualization” section below into the audio recorder on your phone.

If that’s not possible, alternate between reading a section and closing your eyes to visualize it. Then read the next section, close your eyes to visualize, and repeat. If you’d like to take this exercise further, download the free 20-minute guided creativity visualization mp3 and worksheets.

Guided Creativity and Inspiration Visualization:

Bring your attention to your breath by slowly inhaling and exhaling. Imagine yourself receiving everything you need on the inhale, and release everything that does not serve on the exhale.

Feel yourself supported. Held. Loved. Safe. Connected.

Imagine a place you’ve never been that feels really, really good.

This place is as curious about you as you are about it. A place where it’s okay to be as big as you want to be, to fly beyond limitations and let go in a way that feels expansive and light for you.

Notice this place.

What do you see? What do you hear? How does it feel? Are there colors? Animals or plants? Sensations?

Ask your Highest Wisdom, a being who loves you deeply and completely, to appear before you and help you connect with your infinite genius and creativity.

Who is it? Does it have a name? What does it look like? Sound like? Feel like? Does it remind you of someone you know?

Once you’ve connected with your Highest Wisdom, ask each of these questions and note the response:

What message do I most need to hear today?

What is the energy of what I’d love to create in this world that would be joyful, easy, fun, expansive, inspiring?

What’s even more inspiring than that?

What would my Highest Wisdom like me to know about this?

Notice that your highest wisdom has a gift for you. What is it?

Receive it and ask:

What can I do with this gift?

What is one simple, joyful action I can take today towards my creation?

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask your Highest Wisdom, take a moment to do that now.

Give thanks to your Highest Wisdom and all that have supported you in this journey, knowing that you can come back any time.

Come back.


Open your eyes.

Take a few moments now to write down the answers you received and anything else you’d like to remember.

It can be helpful to describe any symbols, colors, beings, or details. Your visualizations, like dreams, are the language of your unconscious mind, and they are rich with meaning. You may wish to revisit and analyze your experience later on.

What’s different now?

Notice how you feel about the intention you wrote down.

Schedule the next action you received on your calendar, or better yet, do it right now! This is one of the most powerful things you can do for your creativity.

Repeat this visualization for creativity and inspiration whenever you like.

I’d love to know about your experience! Feel free to share in a comment section below.

Yours in creative play,

– Stephanie

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